Dear Parents, 8 Things I wish You Knew
|   Sep 09, 2015
Dear Parents, 8 Things I wish You Knew

Recently I read a well written article by Priya Fonseca on 9 things every teacher must know (on mycity4kids)

The mother in me gave thumbs up to each and every point mentioned there. Teaching is such a humble profession but it’s sad to see that not all teachers follow these simple ground rules. Misdeeds of a few bring a blotch to the entire teaching community.

 Parents are also humans and it’s rightly said that to err is human. In our love and affection for our children, we unconsciously make some mistakes. These points are often heard as regular topics of discussions amongst teachers and I thought it will be a great idea to share them with parents.


     1-Your child just started going to new school. It is his first step in this big world,till now he was cocooned in the warm surroundings at home amidst parents and close               family members. If your child is crying and unsettled in initial days of starting school then it doesn’t mean that teachers are ill treating him.
      It is merely a sign of separation anxiety which most of the children undergo. Imagine even an adult can feel uncomfortable going to a new place amongst strangers.                 Children also feel the same way. As they can’t express it in words so they find an easy way out (read crying or howling).


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    2- Please do not try to prove the point that your child is best of all. Helicopter parents can’t stand that their child stands second in anything. Some even expect the teacher to give maximum attention to their child. I have seen mothers vying for teacher’s attention and competing with each other over this. It is really hilarious at times.

    3-Children are adept at the art of storytelling. So much so that they can put an articulate adult to shame. They derive immense satisfaction from bragging and exaggeration. You can test the skills of concocting stories yourself while doing some Role play and you will be taken aback that how you underestimated your tiny tot till now. So cross check the veracity of stories told to you before questioning the class teacher

    4-Don’t teach your child that a particular child is bad. Innocent child will blurt out the words as you say, he will straightaway go and tell his friend that my mum has said you are bad so I will not talk to you.

    5-We exactly know what’s happening at your home- courtesy your little BBC who comes to school every day and mutters everything happening at home. So be wary of your choice of words and behavior in front of your child. Don’t be surprised if we know the exact dates of arrival of grandparents.

    6-Mom’s feelings percolate to children. That’s a basic rule so trust the teacher, it will reflect in your child’s development. Be strong and determined with the thought that We (teacher and mother) can do it! My child will settle soon. Positivity begets positiv

    7- Growth of child is a three way handshake between parents, teachers and child and a teacher can't do  wonders alone.

    8- Fetish for English- Child spends 3 hours in school and 21 hours at home. Please do not expect us to infuse a particular language with some magical potion. Always remember that language is just a means of communication so give equal importance to your mother tongue too.

These simple pointers make huge difference in the approach of parents and make the life of teachers simpler. A very warm happy Teachers Day to everyone since each one of us teaches something to others around. Your thoughts and ideas are welcome, please feel free to share your honest opinion in the space below.

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