The Blessed Bond - A short story from a tiny human
|   Feb 23, 2017
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The Blessed Bond - A short story from a tiny human

It was 9.30 am. As she woke up, she quickly hurried to the washroom. Opened the kit and waited anxiously. Those five minutes she prayed hard for those two pink lines and imagining how would she react if her prayer was indeed answered. I had already chosen her and it was time for her to know.   She opened one eye first and slowly the second, and when she saw the faint second pink line, she rushed to Papa and took a deep breath and said, "I think, I am pregnant". My papa was ecstatic to listen to these three words and my existence began.

Thanks to her hormones, she never faced morning sickness or any other problem. She used to call me, "Accha baccha". During my stay in her womb, I was pampered, talked to, tasted varieties of food, went on walks, vacation, shopping. They took me for late night movies, dinners and everywhere that they went. It was a luxurious stay indeed. Mom would often feel me and talk to me. I used to give her a high five back. Papa gave me lots of kisses and tingles me. I was waiting to meet mamma and papa and to be in their arms.

Mamma had a tough time birthing me. But I promised to soon make up to her with all my love, smiles, hugs and giggles. I remember how I recognized her scent, her touch and her voice. She has been singing and talking to me all this while after all. This is what is called an incredible feeling I guess, to be in my mother's arms. Mamma breastfed me. A champ that I was, I quickly latched on to her. Being so close to her took care of all my needs. I could only cry to make her understand that I need something. But she is a magician, she just knew what I wanted and I never had to speak a word. Each day I was exploring something new in this world, some interesting and some scary stuff but Mom was always there to soothe me. I didn't want anything but the breasts and she did put me into my happy place. We did lots of skin to skin and I can tell you, there's nothing that beats a mother's warmth.

I did not know my parents had super special powers until I saw them functioning 24*7 without much sleep. That's darn difficult no? I could never give up on my naps. There were times when I was super tired or overstimulated and was not able to sleep. Papa would carry me in his arms and mamma would sing some songs and they will eventually make me sleep. They are the coolest parents. They would understand me, soothe me, love me, care for me, pamper me and play with me all the time.

I remember one day, mamma was super tired and I was overstimulated too. I cried and cried and eventually mamma was exhausted and gave up on me... Which is OK, I got into Papa's arms to roam around. But later at night, mamma was not fine at all. She gave me lots and lots of kisses and whispered into my ears, "My baby, I will never lose my patience on you. I promise to love you a little more each day".

As I grew a little older, I learned to bestow mamma with sloppy kisses and she loved them. She would read for me, dance with me and would stand against any odds for me. She cooks the yummiest meals. I love it because she never forces me to eat and respects the choices of a little man like me. I love to stick to her all the time although I have to let her go for few minutes here and there. She baby wears me and we go lalalala to all places. We cook together, go to shopping together, play in the park and walk together. I really wish to be this small so that mamma can carry me all the time with her. I have seen the big men walking and doing their stuff on their own. That seems to be so boring! Mamma does all that I need for me and I find the world to be such a happy place.

We knew each other since I was just a fetus and this is a lifelong process. We will get to know each other better with time. Our bond is extra special. We understand each other without saying a word. There's a trust that I have on my parents, because they have always prioritized me over any other important thing. They have picked me, hugged me and consoled me whenever I needed to be held. Mamma had put a deaf ear to people who told her not to hold me much because I might become too clingy. The bond between me and my parents is for life, we love and cuddle each other and release lots of, what's the word mum says? Aaah... Oxytocin!

Mom and dad are super duper happy to have me. Their love for me is unconditional and I love them too with all my heart. I am not going to leave them alone anytime soon. I wish to be their baby always. Thank Goodness, I still have time to grow up!

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