A Book That Teaches You How To Be A Wicked Mommy
|   Mar 31, 2016
A Book That Teaches You How To Be A Wicked Mommy

Ok so we all are super angelic moms, all love and care personified. Feeding, Cleaning and cooing over our Cherubic babies. OR NOT!! Sorry to break the bubble but reality is, neither are we the angelic ones nor are our kiddos the cherubic types. We do have our Mumma de Cruella and Horrid Henry moments right? I mean cumohhhn! Be honest! I know I am not alone in this. We have some tricks up our sleeves when our patience is running thin.

When I was browsing books in a book store, this tiny one caught my attention. It was in the ''Kids'' section but trust me N.E.V.E.R let your kids read it. It is YOUR secret book of mommy witchery. I had such good deep belly laughs reading this one. What a comic relief this book is. In short, it tells me to stop taking this entire ''being mommy'' business too seriously.

Some of my favorites -

Now we have all tried this kind of stupid stuff in our childhood right? Let's pass on the legacy!

YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Never show this to your kids OR RIP DVD

Reason why Mommy is still a ''Cup'' tee hee hee

Ahh! Dads will love this one.

And I would love to throw this one at him!

The gross ones- 

The real ''clever'' ones-

We can insert word of choice in place of ''badminton''

The ones which will mess with their History, Geography, biology concepts. BIG TIME-

The circle of life!

What's life without a bit of Paranormal

Yeah...It's a supermarket out there!


For those obsessed with planes

Tell me what all creative lies YOU have told your little ones...waiting for your comments!

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