Moana Movie Review
|   Dec 14, 2016
Moana Movie Review

Animation movies! My hubby and I love watching them. We actually beat the kids in this area. So when an animation movie is released, we kind of drag them to the theatre. Latest was Moana. Here’s my review –

 Plot-Moana Waialiki is a sea voyaging enthusiast and the only daughter of a chief in a long line of navigators. When her island's fisherman can't catch any fish and the crops fail, she learns that the demigod Maui caused the blight by stealing the heart of the goddess Te Fiti. The only way to heal the island is to persuade Maui to return Te Fiti's heart, so Moana sets off on an epic journey across the Pacific. The film is based on stories from Polynesian mythology. (Courtesy- IMDB)

My take- The first and foremost thing that I would like to say about Moana is that it is a visual treat! So many beautiful sequences…be it the sea, the island, the mountain top, Moana, her free flowing hair, her grandmother, the moonlit night sky…ahh! Such great detailing, such intricate digital magic! One sequence which I really loved was with baby Moana and her first interaction with the sea….it is cute and oh so beautiful.

Coming to the story- well, it is that story of self-discovery, of fighting your own daemons, facing your own fears and overcoming them. I would say that is a tried and tested Disney formula but they still manage to pull it off everytime.

Moana comes close to the other Disney ‘’Princess’’ that I love- Merida from ‘’Brave’’. Remember the flouncy haired princess who drove horses and shot arrows and spoke her mind- yups that one. It is good that Disney is on beat with the changing times and its princesses are no more damsels in distress who wait for Prince Charming to rescue her (Shrek! Another brilliant one!). Moana, on learning that her people are in danger, takes matters into her own hands and sets sail to restore the wrong done.

Maui, the Demigod is a brilliantly sketched character- He’s full of himself and animat

ed tattoos!! However in spite of these charming lead characters, my 6 and 4 year olds were in splits because of Moana’s pet HeiHei…he is the actual hero when it comes to ‘’birdbrained’’ comedy!

The main ‘’villain’’ Te Ka disappoints. It is nothing more than a mass of lava…and to be honest, bit extra scary for my four year old. He gets no punch lines…no background story…nothing. Even the Coconut crab sequence was bit boring for me.

But yes, the movie is definitely worth a watch due to the lovely animation, a good en

ough story line and of course HeiHei!

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