Spring is Here and How!!
|   Apr 10, 2016
Spring is Here and How!!

Through my journey as a blogger, I came in contact with this amazing lady Reshmaa who is a mommy and an event planner. Her event management venture is called Precious Momentss. Wearing multiple hats at once, she is doing a great job of juggling work and family life. Yesterday I visited her latest event ‘’ Spring fete Pop up’’ and as expected, came back fully impressed.

It was an exhibition cum sale but with a twist. Here’s how- Hop & Bop was the venue partner which is a soft play area for kids. Now all the mompreneuers were very happy as their kids were right in front of their eyes while they looked after their stalls. Even the mothers visiting the fete appreciated the selection of the venue as they happily indulged in retail therapy while kids busied themselves in the well-appointed play area.

There were women from all walks of life showcasing their wares. There was a young designer in her twenties, holding her first exhibition and was super excited about it. She trusted Reshmaa and Precious Momentss with her debut speaks a lot about the trust and camaraderie people share with Reshmaa.  This young bud designer, Sanjum Bhasin, was super confident about her work. She says she can customize clothes for any age, gender or size. Her expertise lies in playing around with cuts and drapes. With her colour pallet all set for the upcoming summers, she looked at the top of her game.

Another exhibit that drew my attention was ‘’Tiara’s treasure trove’’ by Pradipti Salian. She had lovely looking trays, tea sets, cutlery holders and coasters- all hand curated and customised. I really loved the polka dotted tea pots and wooden handled cups. They were all reasonably priced and lovely to look at.

As I said earlier, there’s always something for everybody in the event. Shubhda Dayal from Brainlogi had such an amazing concept of learning through play. Brainlogi brings toys which enhance a child’s problem solving skills. They have age specific toys that work on a child’s mathematical, verbal and cognitive skills. Not only that, these toys encourage parents to spend quality time with their kids. I, as a mother, would always prefer these over battery operated toys.

There was funky and affordable jewellery from Arjana by Archana, Ahaya too had an amazing collection of jewellery. Shoes by Anita under the brand name AB’s Allure, that could be customised according to your preference of colour, bling, heel type were selling fast. Lawn suits or Pakistani suits by SB’s creations by this super sweet lady Sanjana were a big crowd puller.  Another stall that was busy throughout was that of Kavita Marwah. Her brand Gym Jam is into sportswear- clothes that are fashionable and you can wear during your workouts. She is super confident about the quality of her products and says they are better than the market leaders. According to her, the clothes will not fade even after six months of strenuous use.

Me being a mommy, I am always intrigued by how other mommies balance their home and work life. I always end up asking them what is their ‘’secret mantra’’ that holds it all together. This time I decided to ask Reshmaa about her venture and how she fine tunes her work and personal life balance.

Me- Reshma, tell me something about you, your family and your startup-

Hi , I am Reshmaa Ajbani and I have two children aged 8 and 4 years. It has been three years since I started my company Precious Momentss. I faced a few challenges at the start of my new venture as my second child was just one and a half years old. I had to balance between my start up, household chores and kids. I had to organize meetings when my children were in school and work for few hours a day. As time went by, people started appreciating my work and through word of mouth I had built up a good client database. By now, we have hosted and organized over 300 events. Precious Momentss organizes Thematic Birthdays, Baby Showers, Corporate Events, Birth Announcements, Wedding Decor and Hospitality along with Return Favors. For further information you can email us at preciousmomentssevents at gmail dot com

So there you have it, A mompreneur who has her priorities sorted and is excelling both as a mommy and an entrepreneur. Way to go Reshmaa!

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