CHOCOS..........My Travel Partner!!!!!!!
|   Nov 16, 2016
CHOCOS..........My Travel Partner!!!!!!!

Ever since I was 9 months old, my parents took me for tours, all over India. With this pace, by now I have seen most of India; right from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and Goa to Orrisa!! I have thus inculcated the hobby of touring. I love trips, be it short trip or a long one.

This love of travelling and exploring places has been alive, post marriage too; but it had taken a backseat, post my bundle of joy arrived. However, I was keen to continue my parents’ saga of travelling with my kiddo.  As soon as my baby turned one, the traveller mom in me came to the forefront.  I was of the opinion, that now at this age of one, I can try and ‘taste’ different foods and can introduce some swallow-able solids.  

I thus started searching for places to travel. But since my list of food items which I could give my baby during travels, was not ready, we ensured that travel time would be less and we reach the destination early. So finally after some thinking I and hubby planned a short road trip to a nearby hill-station. Thankfully, the hotel we were to stay at was Ok with me cooking food for baby; so all I had to think was food during travelling. I had to check out options of baby foods which I could feed readily. I then finalized a few ready to eat foods; food which are ready by simply mixing hot water in it. However, my hunt for such food stuff was still on, as I was looking for something else, which would be tasty and that my kiddo can chew upon, with minimal teeth: D.

During one such stroll in the super market I came across, this 10/- sachet of “CHOCOS”. The very first thought was, if my kiddo likes it, it would be a saviour during travel.  I simply picked it up and was eager to try it out for my baby. As soon as I reached home, I offered one loop to my baby and got busy with my chores. And after sometime…there came kiddo to me, pointing towards CHOCOS, asking for a second one: D. I was so relaxed now, that I can rely on this one and enjoy my trip thoroughly!!!!

From then on, CHOCOS has been my travel partner on all our family trips. I carry this small sachet, even when we are visiting a mall :).

Thank you CHOCOS, for giving me and my kiddo that Khul Jaye Bachpan moment!!!!

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