I The Refugee;
|   Aug 12, 2016
I The Refugee;

The below picture of a Beautiful Baby is what it took to shake the relaxed me, sitting in the comfort of my home, living in a bubble, and enjoying an afternoon nap. It shook my world, my thoughts and the way I saw the world.

UNICEF had tweeted this powerful picture of this Beautiful Baby, sleeping under a tree in Wau, #SouthSudan. Thousands have been displaced by the countinued fighting there.

Curious to know a bit more, not because it interested me, but it disturbed me, I scanned through UNICEF's Twitter Handle and the 15 minutes that followed did turn my life's priorities upside down:               

There were many gun shots...people were killed” Lucia & her baby Aniis, displaced by violence in Wau, #SouthSudan

7-year-old Hiba from Ramadi stands in front of her family's shelter in a displacement camp near Baghdad, #Iraq

In #SouthSudan, child malnutrition worsens as conflict hinders response

#Syria: displaced children & families take shelter under makeshift tents after latest wave of attacks in #Aleppo

Children forced out of school in search of water due to  #ElNiño drought in eastern & southern Africa @UNICEFAfrica

2m people in #Aleppo left with no access to running water as fighting intensifies #Syria

Separated by conflict: Chudier lives at UN site in Juba. His father is unable to return from Uganda @unicefssudan

“I came to seek shelter at the church compound because of the gunshots” Nicola, 8 in Wau, #SouthSudan

So what do these pictures mean to me? why should I be even concerned ? Are probably the questions you & I are asking today.

But hey, dont you think, these were the same questions, the above people were asking until fate slapped their faces in the form of Violence.

They were people just like you and me, sitting in the comfort of their homes, living in a bubble, watching the little ones grow, worried about which cake to bake and which Pizza corner to explore until Poverty & starvation hit them. Not for a fault of theirs.

Milliond displaced, gunned down, raped, stripped of every right and shamed to death.

The trauma carries them to the grave and burries them in guilt.  

They stand today staring at bleeding hands, wondering what might have gone worng. You cant miss those terrifying eyes. Everyone disowns them.

The citizens of yesterday are now the refugees of tomorrow.

By living in a world of niceness around us will have a price to pay.

Probably, thats when i realised, that I will prepare my Son, for the life of a Refugee.    

We have covered them with layers of lovely things, that they are so unprepared for a calamity.

God forbid, if at anytime, we should be in any one of the Violence Stricken situations as above, let the same God give us the Grace and Strength to face it.

Our children cant affort to live in the same bubble like us.

We need to teach them to handle their worst days.

Save water, so that someday it will save us back.

Teach to Pray, lets include this simple prayer in their daily life, to pray for the hurt & hurting.

Teach to Pray for Peace, that kind of Peace that will wipe boundaries and forget hatred and lets smile blossom in every child's heart.

Teach to Hope, hope for a better world, hope for a world without violence. Hope that every baby will have only beautiful mornings to wake up to.

Teach to Love, Love that knows no bias.

Teach to live and let live.

Teach to build that emotional bond, sympathy and empathy.

Finally, I would like to conclude with these hard hitting lines,







Please visit @UNICEF for more details.

Thank you, Pris

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