My IUGR Blessing
|   May 01, 2017
My IUGR Blessing

The joy of motherhood is incomparable and divine. The seeds of motherly emotions are sown right from the childhood in a girl which springs out in the form of either her caring for her little doll or loving a small baby she sees. Well, coming to the experience that I wish to share with you.

The year 2015 was bidding us goodbye and I was in a joyous mood and had plans to celebrate New Year with an exciting overseas vacation when I got to know that a small seed of love was budding inside of me. I was pregnant, and honestly rather than being emotional I was just concerned about my vacation plans which were to be cancelled . Well, as I exited from the Doctors clinic with my mom, I did not have any emotions. No, I was not overwhelmed neither was I crying out of joy, I just did not know what to do or say. I was blank, without any thoughts, without any words. My mom, instead of congratulating me, opened her box of advices, regarding my diet, mood, sleep etc. I think all mothers are like that. The first thing that they ever think about is their child’s health, especially the Punjabi moms.

I came back to my In-laws place 3 days later, only to encounter the unbound joy of my mother in law and a typical Bollywood scene of emotional tears flowing happily. We unanimously fixed up an Obstetrician whose clinic was nearby and who had a good reputation. My first trimester was Terrible. In fact, Terrible is an understatement to explain my state of body at that time. I was unable to eat and if after much difficulties I managed to eat, my gastric glands did not accept that and I would puke. 

I lost weight drastically. I had my first ultrasound scan called NBNT done in February. My doctor told me it was done to detect if my baby was growing healthy and if there were any chances of the baby showing Down Syndrome. My board exams had not frightened me the way, this scan did. Well, that was the first day when I saw my baby and heard her heart beat. I did not feel very emotional but I don’t know, somehow tears dropped from my eyes, when I saw my baby move. I guess, that was when  a mother was born in me. The reports were normal, and I was relieved.

I lost around 6.5 kgs in my first trimester and my doctor told me that it happens with many people. It was the time for second scan , April 1, when my radiologist told me that baby's stomach bubble appeared small. I had no clue as to what it meant and rushed to my Doctor. She advised me certain medications and another scan 20 days later only to be told that it was the case of IUGR pregnancy. I had ever heard about it, I was once again clueless. The radiologist told that the baby was growing slow as per her gestational age. IUGR refers to Intra Uterine Growth Restriction, wherein baby does not grow as per the gestational age but has restrictive growth in the womb which puts the baby at certain health risks during pregnancy or at the time of delivery. This became a risky pregnancy for it could also result in Still birth.

 I was  5 months pregnant and all I wanted was my healthy baby in my arms. The next  4 months were extremely fearful. Regular scans, medication and doctor visits accompanied by  healthy monitored diet and a stress free environment was required. My family and my doctor supported me in every single way they could and I owe a big thanks to them. I started gaining weight after 5 months of my pregnancy. The prayers of my family had worked and I delivered my sweet little princess on August 24, 2016. I lived in fear, in tears all through the 9 months, and all I had prayed for was her health. She came a day before her due date and it was a cesarean section, for her weight was slightly low and she was in breach position.

My advice to those who encounter IUGR pregnancy is:-

    • Eat well, in small portions but regularly
    • Stay Stress Free
    • It is OK , if you loose weight in your initial semester, Its OK if you don’t gain as much as everyone else does, every pregnancy is different.
    • Get regular scans done.
    • The most important one, trust your doctor, , because it will be only she who can provide you with the best counselling and medication.
    • Stay happy, nothing on this earth is as wonderful as being a mother.

Though every pregnancy is different, and so is every child. There will be ups and downs but at the end, one smile of the baby and every pain, every tear is worth it.

Though my daughter was born with low body weight, she is growing hail and hearty. Many children do not grow in the womb properly but their growth is fine once they are born. So, to all lovely ladies, if ever you come across this extremely frightening IUGR situation, just trust the mother in you and everything will work out well.

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