"ATM's doesn't give out free cash"
|   Jul 27, 2017
"ATM's doesn't give out free cash"

Few years back, all my kid knows about money was only coins. For her money means "COINS"! When someone gives money in notes, she used to return it back and ask them for coins. Now she knows that “Money means both coins and notes, Notes have higher value than coins!"

My daughter is now 6 years old, she can understand things much better than I was at her age. One day, I was looking out for cash in my wallet! I didn't get 2K note to give it to my housemaid, she prompts me "Amma, shall we go to "XXXX ATM Center" to get cash". I was happy that she knows things which are essential for this gen period.

During her summer holidays, she was asking for a gift just like that much prior to her birthday! I was asking her, "Whenever we ask for money, we won't get it!" She was like "Why amma, if we go to ATM that machine itself will give us notes, and I knew notes means big money?" I was quiet surprised, somewhere down my heart it struck me hard. This was the time I came to know that I should teach her the importance of money! Wanted to tell her that "ATM's doesn't give out free cash"

I started explaining her that the money what dad or me earning is not an easy task. We would be working out for number of hours on daily basis, in return we get money. She was like, Should I also need to work at later stage to get money! I smiled at her, "Yes, you need to do work of your choice and depending on that you will be payee or rewarded"

When I was telling all these things to my daughter sitting on a bench in park, one of my neighbor looked at me as though I did a blunder in my life, with an expression on her face - "How can you tell all these things to kid's at this age?"

But trust me, we need to teach them at very early age, make them understand that money comes out of hard work and commitment. A person who can learn, handle money matters well would definitely become a successful person in life. They give respect for money, respect for any other person in their life. They should have a wish to earn more money, fear of losing money due to any situation. This is not a rocket science to deal with it; kids will easily grasp things far better than adults of now-a-days.

 In our generation, we had any transaction with hands by exchanging money! So we knew that money is going hand to hand to fulfill our needs and wants. Now-a-days it's all with online/transactions for anything i.e. groceries, gifts, gold, medicines the list goes on! All thanks to internet banking, online transaction which made our job less complicated, more efficient and less time consuming, further it made the next generation think that "Money means a free thing which comes with a click button, which isn't the same"

 I made my kid understand that earning money is not for her age right now. All she should know is "Spend, Save and Give"! I started her to use piggy bank, encouraged that concept.

Her school has this activity called “Canteen Day” once in a month, where in you need to give money (Max of 20 Rs) to your kid. He/ She can either use it or save it (accumulate it), spend it later time. This way they will get to know the concept of saving and spending money.

This activity will make kids to use the money exchanging in hands, they will get to know that money is going from their hands and in turn they are getting something for their choice. They will get to know the amount spend, amount saved on monthly basis.

Giving to the needy would be one of the best qualities we can in cultivate to kids at the very early age. This would help them be grounded always and contented human being.

Let’s all come forward to make our kids follow this “SSG” (Spend, Save and Give), which would help them in their lives at any point of time.

PS: ATM's Doesn't Give Out Free Cash :P

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