Dates Sharbath
|   Jul 07, 2016
Dates Sharbath

This topic sounds very interesting but worried how can kids love this! I know, whatever is healthy kids hate it to the max...!

So here we are to make things work out in our favor.

Tell me who doesn't like milkshakes...! Everyone loves it!

It's healthy,tasty and has lots of goodness in it! Why so late for us to try this one without thinking for a second thought.

Guess me all the ingredients would be available in kitchen.


Dates - seedless - 1 Cup

Milk (You can go with thick/toned) - 2 Cups

Banana - 1 (Yellow and ripped)

Cardamon - 1 (Freshly grounded)

Dry Fruits powder - 1 Tbsp (Optional)

Dry Fruits chopped - 1 Tbsp

Are you people searching for sugar, we are not adding it and still this milkshake tastes yummy!!!


Step 1: Take a blender - add Dates make it a very smooth paste.

Step 2: Add Banana to the blender in Step 1.

Step 3: Add little milk if required and make it very smooth paste.

Step 4: Add 1 Cup of milk, Cardamon powder,dry fruits powder and mix it well.

Step 5: Once all the ingredients are mixed well, add the remaining milk and transfer it into a bowl.

Step 6: Strain the milkshake so that we don't have hard or rough particles ( optional)

Step 7: Keep the bowl into the refrigerator for 1 or so. ( optional).

Step 8: Take the bowl out, pour it into the serving glasses.

Step 9: Add the grated dry fruits on the top of the milkshake, serve it!

Trust me kids would say, mamma I wouldn't go out for juices or milkshakes outside, everyone knows it's not healthy to have juices during this season and we can't control our kids doing so! We all can try this at home and enjoy having milkshake at home!!

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