My Little Sweet herione, My Younger Sis
|   May 13, 2016
My Little Sweet herione, My Younger Sis

This happens to most of the parents who have girls as their children ! The moment outsiders get to know the news It's girl again "so sad" would be their expression!

It happened to me in my life too when someone(Very few) asks me "Do you have a sibling...?" and I immediately reply them "Yeah you know I have a Little Sis!". They(Very few) would keep a different expression on their face and feel pity on my parents and on me...! Little they knew that God just not only sent me a younger sister, but in turn she became my brother,my elder sis,my friend for lifetime,maasi for my daughter!She has stepped into lot many roles!

People may be confused how can little sis be like brother,elder sis,friend...! Let me explain them all in sweet and cute form!

Even till date I am afraid of lizards! I have lots of fear and quiet contradictory my sis is fearless! She used to be my bodyguard,my luggage lifter,my driver,my every moment supporter come what may! When I was pregnant she became extra careful,because I have that big baby bump. She used to walk in front of me like a bodyguard making sure that not even a feather should touch the tummy in which her nephew or niece!This is how she made be felt that I have big brother in my life! I never missed the feeling of not having brother in my life!

I still remember my marriage time, I hardly had done shopping for myself, she became my elder sis at that moment did all shopping required for a bride to have during marriage time (which included mehendi, bangles, accessories, makeup etc..).

We do have lots of friends, very few betises, and lifetime friends would be just one or two! Trust me if you feel to have a lifetime friend just for yourself pray to God to send a little sis down to earth just for you! And your little sis would be your lifetime friend for sure! There were fights,arguments,discussion with my sis and few days we used to have those silly fights and not talking with her for sometime, and later point it would be like nothing happened and have fun!I had shared with my sis our childhood memories and grown up dreams too :)

The moment I got to know that I am pregnant, my sis was on cloud nine! Then I realized that she is again having one more role to be fulfilled to become maasi for my baby!She not only became a maasi, she became a best friend for my darling baby...sometimes my baby comes to me and asks that  "she want to  call her maasi over phone and discuss few things, and at that instinct I got to know that my darling got a bestie in her life and it's none other that my little sis! My baby is very comfortable and super-friendly with my sis, she talks,sings,play and dances with her. Sometimes she asks me if she can sleep next to maasi, I feel my sis instantly developed that motherly quality the moment I gave birth to my baby! Maasi for my darling is such a cool person and she makes my baby stronger and smarter!

This is how she became my brother,my elder sis,my friend for lifetime,maasi for my daughter!

After reading all the different roles a sis gets in,Why won't anyone wish to have a darling little sis in one's life!!! Guess God is so kind to me, as he has sent for me a little sis...! Thank You God !!!

Indeed she made my life more beautiful!!! Love U Sis !

We tend to remember the deeds,work done by mom's,dad's and hubby's but we often forget to recognize these little sweet heroines in our lives!!! Now let me thank my heroine my sis for all the wonderful things she did just for me, as me being her sis!

Lucky me!!!

Let's all sing a song praising our little heroines "Long live everyone's younger Sis"

With lots of Love , kisses and hugs to my sis

Yours elderly sis (only at age)

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