Nearly 6 Yrs back this happened to me , Strange feeling !!
|   Apr 07, 2016
Nearly 6 Yrs back this happened to me , Strange feeling !!
For once in my life, watching my belly expand can be a positive experience I had.I enjoyed buying new clothes,looking at mirror n seeing my baby bump and number of times I used to just pause for a moment to think, "Wow there is a person in there!" and enjoying watching the motherhood curves grow ...! I used to discuss with my hubby on no of baby kicks I had per week(initial months),per day(middle term),per hour(Final term) goes on...! I used to ask him keep his hand on baby bump and feel the kicks...! We used to call my baby as peanut,bean,small tomato n so on!!! Most of the time I used to feel I had a partner right inside which is a strange experience,like when I am lying on bed or taking a shower I always felt my baby is with me of course inside me, watching me from inside ...! The only weird cravings I've had were sweets/desserts.I was a very healthy eater,vegetarian,and before my second trimester,I used to eat mainly my normal savory,spicy,salty foods.I could easily say that I was not a fan of sweets and desserts,but from time to time,I used to crave for sweets.My hubby and I used to visit lots of places just for sweets/desserts and which I always stayed away from it.I used to think during that phase/period that my little jellybean has the sweet tooth because I normally would shun away from all of these things. Strange but truth I still crave for sweets/chocolates/desserts even till date (of course my darling daughter turned four!)

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