Should I need to leave you amma once I grow "BIG"?
|   Dec 14, 2016
Should I need to leave you amma once I grow "BIG"?

Should I need to leave you amma once I grow "BIG"? This was the question posted on me by my 5 year old girl with an innocent face!

My heart beat was skipped for a second, my thoughts were uncontrollable!

Should she leave us? What should I reply to her? Should I need to say her that "Yeah! Yes you may need to leave us for education later stage for marriage" or should I need to say a lie that “NO”

I don’t want her either to get into a negative feeling on either education & marriage or give a fake promise!

I smiled at her, hugged her tight and started my conversation!

My Princess, I love you! How can I leave you for any reason?

 Let me tell you a short story!

      This all started 32 years back, there lived a married couple who was blessed with a baby girl! The baby girl was a sweet darling and apple of their eyes, they named her "Disha"

       I was about to continue, my darling interrupted and told "She is just like me na amma" I liked her eagerness to relate the things! I smiled and nodded!

      I continued, Disha was very good at studies and other school activities. One day, her principal madam has asked Disha to participate in one of the activity where she needs to travel all alone out of her city! She was very scared and informed her parents that, she doesn't want to go! Her mom and dad told no worries, your teacher would be next to you and there is nothing to scare for! And so many other school kids also attend for that event. She was worried but still took all her courage and participated in that event. She was awarded "Best Player" for the activity she participated! She was very happy and proud of her success! Next day when her parents asked her how was the day without parents, she was all happy and proud that she received an award and completely forgot about other things. Then her mom told, see it's not always someone would be there for you! You can do better when you are alone as well! Disha learnt a lesson! "BE STRONG"

      Few Years passed by, then came a day where disha has to leave her parents for higher studies! She was worried! Again her mom told, you have your school friends joining so no worries! She left and started living in hostel! Initially she couldn't adjust and didn't like most of the people around her, used to think they are not good enough to talk for! Again her parents told her, look disha there is nothing wrong talking with people but you should know who is good and bad, then make friends! She started talking with many and get to know that most of the people are sweet and good at heart than she thought off! Disha learnt a lesson! "BE POSITIVE"

      She came out with flying colors and got placed in a reputed company! She was scared that she is a fresher and doesn't cope up well! Then her parents again guided her, Do what you had learnt and never feel bad if you don't know! There is always a learning step every time!Few months passed. She was praised by her boss for her dedication and eagerness to learn new things. Disha learnt a lesson "BE CONFIDENT"!

      After few years, the day has come to marry Disha. All were excited but deep in Disha's mind she was tensed! Then her heart whispered "You are a strong, positive and confident lady"! Next to her cot, on the table laid an envelope, she opened that:

 Dear Disha

           Happy Marriage Day!!!!

           We knew that you are strong, positive and confident lady! Your dad and mom are just a call away! So nothing to worry! “Be Happy”, this is the one we wanted to tell you now!

            Enjoy with your prince charm!

Loads of love

amma & nanna

Here, paused my story telling for a minute and looked at my darling; she sat next to me and murmured that she wants to be like "Disha!" I was happy, she slept on my lap happily with a sweet and innocent smile on her face!

PS: This is my true life incident!

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