What a dad can do to see a smile on his daughter’s face! #Dad's Love #Replica of OREO biscuits Adv
|   Jun 16, 2017
What a dad can do to see a smile on his daughter’s face! #Dad's Love  #Replica of OREO biscuits Adv

Six months back, my darling Ananya (5 Yrs old) asked me “Shall I do like the girl in OREO biscuit adv?”

I felt funny with her thought I told her, you know right Nanna (dad) is a super shy person, can’t face camera for his own reasons!  Basically he is not expressive, makes a point to avoid camera lights!

But Ananya is quiet contrast of him; she is just like me (She is my mirror image in most of the deeds, which makes me proud)

Every time we have this commercial break in TV, she waits if she can watch this OREO adv and feel happy! The next word would be ”Amma when shall we do?”

So I decided, let me try once to speak with my loving hubby! I knew the answer would be definitely “NO”! Why not give a try!

Me – “Srikanth, Ananya wants to do a replica of OREO Adv with you. Let me know when can we shoot?”

Srikanth – “You both do it, I will shoot: P”

Me – “Ananya was asking me on this from past 6 months, she will feel bad if we couldn’t do that, moreover it’s daughter and dad’s adv”

Srikanth, without a second thought he nodded his head!

I was surprised looking at him, how can a person who is so shy by nature, not camera-friendly person say YES for shoot!

I got the reply instantly from heart – That’s “DAD’s LOVE”!

I don’t want to waste a single moment from then on, arranged everything required. Became adv director a new role! God only knows how many more roles are still pending from my side! But this role made me quite happy! I could make my daughter’s wish come true, could try to take off little shyness from my hubby!

They had taken one trial and final single shot, everything was in sync and OK ! I loved their expressions, reactions and love on both of them! Couldn’t ask GOD for more!

Once done, my darling has this crazy question always “Who did best, me or nanna?”

It became tough for me to choose one, I just told Dad and Daughter’s love was the best thing here nothing else could match it!

Truly to say, both the artists did their job in the best possible way. Way to go, Keep up the good work for all of us!!!

https://youtu.be/dv6H3cOtHTI #ReplicaOfOreoAdv #FavOreoAdv


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#Dad'slove #fatherhood #daughter #happiness #Father's Day #father's day

#Father'sday #father'sday

https://youtu.be/dv6H3cOtHTI #ReplicaOfOreoAdv #FavOreoAdv

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HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all the fathers who are loving their  children and putting their efforts to make them happy!  It's just not to celebrate only one day as father's day but each and every day! Wish all these super hero's in our lives " Happy Father's Day"!

Here goes my wishes to you nanna - Happy Father's Day! Love you!

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