Will you be my angel?
|   Feb 10, 2017
Will you be my angel?

Aayushi is waiting at the airport! Her mom is coming to meet her after an year! She is super excited!          

18 Years back,she lost her mom (Gayatri) with some health problem. She just completed her 5th standard at that time.  It was a deadly diseases and she underwent surgery but no luck! Aayushi was so depressed, decided her life would be coming to an end without her mom!            

Her dad (Sekhar) got married for the second time, all her relatives told Aayushi that "She is your step mother (Vidya), and she wouldn't love you as your mom, you have to accept this reality and live with it!" Aayushi started distancing her dad, she only calls her aunt(Because she doesn't like to call her mom)!             

Vidya used to try her best to make Aayushi feel good! She used to do everything her mom used to do but no change from Aayushi! Vidya used to tell Sekhar, "How much I try to be close with her, she is distancing me"! In a week, Aayushi would be 11 years old! Vidya has planned a lot as a surprise for her! She started stitching a dress for her birthday! All of a sudden, Vidya feel sick! She was down with high fever and couldn't get up from bed! But she wanted to put all her love and complete the dress! She stitched it and kept in a box, safe in Aayushi's almirah!Informed all of Aayushi's friends for a surprise party! She ordered a cake!                     

  The clock ticked "12 o' Clock"! Aayushi's room was full of lights and music started, with "Happy Birthday" song! She woke up from bed and couldn't realize that, this party is for her! She thought her friends had done this surprise  party! She had happily cut the cake, had fun with friends! Next day morning, she found out the new dress packed ! She loved the dress and happily wore it! She just looked like a princess, this was the dress her mom wished to buy for her on her birthday! She remembered it and tears were rolling on her cheeks!           

Once she came back from school, she found a gift box! She opened it found a small bracelet, with a tag hanging ,"You are my princess"! She was confused her dad was out of station and he wished her in the morning, who else would have sent this gift! There was a letter over there lying!          

Dear Aayushi,                 

Happy 11th Birthday! Hope you had enjoyed your birthday and had a great day!               

Wish you loads and loads of health,love, fun and happiness in your life!                  

Hope you liked the dress, size and choice of color, Chocolate cake, bracelet too!                     

I was searching for a princess dress from so many days, but couldn't find it! Decided to stitch it for you and was worried whether I would finish it before your birthday as I was down with fever! But Thank God, I could do it!                  

I wasn't knowing what if your mom was there, how would she plan your day! I tried my best!                 

Pizza would be getting delivered in shortly, your friends gang would come in sometime! Have fun and enjoy your day! 

Your's Aunt            


Aayushi couldn't hold back her tears! Even then she couldn't able to talk with Vidya! Few weeks over, it was Vidya's birthday! She was about to go to temple! Door bell rang! Vidya opened the door! Courier person has handed over a parcel! She has taken it! Went inside and opened the parcel! There lied a beautiful Saree which is hand painted! She loved the color! Unfolded the Saree, a letter fell down! She started reading the letter!          

Dear Vidya,                   

Happy Birthday!                   

Hope you liked the Saree, and I had done the hand painting! It should be dry washed only! 

I had to tell you a lot of things, but I feel guilty to come and talk with you!                  

I just loved the birthday surprised planned, left like princess wearing your hand stitched dress and bracelet was just cute and simple! I loved everything!                  

You weren't well at that time, planned so much! I was doubtful, if the same would have been planned if my mom was there and she was down with fever! You had did more than my mom would have done, I was speechless!                    

People always say "Mother's are angels sent by God! By mistake God has taken away my angel, so feeling bad He had sent an angel who is more precious and lovable!"                  

Will you be my angel and accept me as your daughter! Waiting to call as "Mom"

Your's Little Princess

Aayu (Aayushi)!

Vidya couldn't control her emotions, ran to Aayushi's room hugged her tight! From then on, never they turned back and looked for their past! They had the best time together! They both became like Sisters (Sharing secrets), Friends( while studying) and loved each other! Even till date, they celebrate their birthday's together!  Vidya is coming down to wish Aayushi for her birthday!Aayushi heard the announcement that plane has landed, received her mom!

Happy Birthday Aayushi, Hope you are having great time over here and work is going on well! I am planning for a surprise, "It's Amar your would-be" ,he is  waiting next to your car"!Aayushi, was blushing! This was the same guy, she was about to tell to her mom! She was in love with him, but waiting for the good time to communicate! How did you get know mom?

Vidya told her "I am your mom, I would know everything"! Come we will have lunch together and plan for your wedding rituals! Aayushi, hugged her mom tight and couldn't hold back her tears!"I Love You Mom"

Note: A hug to all the mom's here who shower continuous love and affection to their kids and bear hug for the parents who got into the shoes of original parents and loving their kids unconditionally!

PS: All these characters are imaginary and no personal targets to anyone! Thanks for reading!

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