There isnt a #WomanInMe.....
|   Mar 04, 2016
There isnt a #WomanInMe.....
I do not blog regularly and didnt have a blogger account here as of yesterday... but the words "Woman in me" got me really excited, and within minutes I wrote this piece.

As I was pushed from womb to life,

Wailing as I moved from darkness to light

A mere babe,

No #WomanInMe


Slowly, the light and darkness danced,

I imbibed all that the world sang,

Songs of love of a mom,

Hopes of being a like-a-son,

That left my grandparents red-faced

As it did me, on seeing my menstrual stains.

The joys of crushes

The hush-hushes,

Bawdy jokes to be enjoyed without

The immodest Laugh-out-Loud


So many

Years, months and days

Hoping the scars on my face

Would fade.


Many more

Days, months and years

As I moved away from home

To face my worst fears

To be the woman

That I was made by women

Around me.


Moving from conical cup bras

To soft lacy ones

From thongs to hipsters

Be practical for once!


I need a coach to tell me to exercise my power at work,

Yet I am stern and strict with my daughter for her own good

I transform to putty in love and lust

And have love-hate relationship with food.


I am still in awe of a friend

Who had an abortion ages ago

Proud of another going back to school

With two kids in tow

Sometimes as shocked as a coworker molested

Sometimes outraged as another whose promotion was tested

Sometimes celebrating like a cousin with giggles all around

Sometimes mature with wisdom as behooves a sadness profound


Awkward and self-conscious like my grandma

Yet strong and defiant like my mom.

Self-pitying like an aunt another

Yet fiercely protective of my sister and brother


Angry as the woman raped

Happy as the one with each small victory

Driving like a human should

I am a product of feminism’s history.


 “You can only lose something that you have, but you cannot lose something that you are” – Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth.

There is not a single woman in me, but a number of women in me, as I am in them.

I have given up on defining myself – to myself and others.

I can be a nurturer, critic, supporter, competitor and pretty much anything that my myriad life demands. While there are nine basic “roops” of “Durga”; women have, over the ages, worn far more hats than the powerful deity.

Wherever, there is sad story, there is an inspirational one as well.

Between Nirbhaya and Malala, the #WomanInMe knows that while the woods are lovely, dark, and deep…She has promises to keep to womanhood, and miles to go before getting any sleep.


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