How smart is really smart?
|   Jul 04, 2016
How smart is really smart?

Last time I met a friend, she said 'I heard your son is really smart, he has got an A+ in school'! While I take the compliment with great pride, I wonder, what about children who dint get an A+ for any reason, are they not smart? 

If Spider Man was a boy and got a grade D at school, would he still not be climbing walls with great smartness, my mind ponders. 

In our society, a norm has been implicitly set to associate intelligence only with school performance and to measure a child's stengths almost always as a comparison with other children.

So how smart is really smart?  As a parent, how do you guage your child's smartness? 

I as a mother, have no particular concrete criteria for this. For me, 

*If my child could draw yesterday but can paint today, he is smarter

*If he could bake a muffin yesterday but can bake a cake today, he is smarter

*If he had 2 friends yesterday but has 5 today, he is smarter

*If he could float yesterday but can swim today, he is smarter

If he can cycle, wear clothes on his own, do his math, fly a kite, make peace with a friend after a fight, invent his own game, write a poem, rap his own song, read a story, catch a tadpole, play Charlie Chaplin or even land on the child is certainly a little more smarter today than he was yesterday.

Smart by his own standards and in comparison with himself!!!

A child may not be as smart as another in academics, but may be way smarter in a myriad of other areas.

So the next time someone comments on how smart or not a child is, don't look at a report card. Simply smile and at what and in comparison with whom?  

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