Be opinionated but not judgmental!!!
|   Nov 22, 2016
Be opinionated but not judgmental!!!

I was in the Metro and making a futile effort to read my book but I obviously couldn't as the observer in me took over the reader and starting scanning people around. The reason I love travelling in public transport is that I get to look around and observe people. I observe their outfits (a woman that I am), their faces and some times their moods. And then I am curious to know what is going on their mind!

I was doing my job well when I heard voices interrupting my thoughts. Apparently it came from two females seated beside me. And they were loud enough for me to hear them very clearly. What really caught my attention was that they were discussing a mother and son seated opposite to us. The mother (a housewife I believe) was with her 6 year old son. The kid was asking countless questions which the mother was answering very patiently. He was in a uniform from which I concluded they were on their way back from school. The boy had a packet of chips in his hand from which he was eating away merrily. 

These two females were apparently office goers and were immaculately dressed. Their conversation was as follows :

Female 1 : Just look at her, she is giving chips to a 6 year old child. Its unhealthy. I would never think of giving unhealthy food to my child.

Female 2 : And look at the boys uniform. It looks like they are not even ironed. How careless can parents be! 

Female 3 : I say nowadays nobody takes motherhood seriously. They just become mothers for the sake of being one. I pity that child. 

While I was listening to all these I also started observing the mother and son. Indeed his uniform was not ironed. And even I do not favor giving junk food to kids.

But does that really make her a  bad mother. 

That made me realize one thing. It's perfectly alright to have opinions about things happening around you. Opinion about some one's dressing, opinion about the style of parenting and so on. 

But it's really unjust that we become judgmental about a person based on our opinion.  We don't know what another person is going through in his or her life. How can we label him or her based on our opinion?

Probably that lady was unwell on that particular day or maybe she was facing a family crisis. Who are we to label her as a bad mother?

There is a thin line between being opinionated and judgmental. Never cross the line !!!

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