Exploring My Neverland
|   Oct 20, 2016
Exploring My Neverland

Motherhood, a life altering event in a woman's life, it brings along with it a complete package of emotions, joy, enthusiasm, excitement, exhaustion, insecurity, stress and much more to pen down. The arrival of the bundle of joy turns a mother's world upside down. The baby suddenly makes it to the top of her priority list and everything else takes a backseat!

Throughout my pregnancy I was told by all the well meaning elders, experienced colleagues and friends that motherhood is going to be a real uphill struggle. Labor pains/recovery from c-section, feeding baby, sleepless nights, these were the few terms which I gleaned from all age groups of mommies :) and to be honest I was rather anticipating all this with fear.

Finally the day came when I was blessed with my bundle of joy, my darling daughter! Like all other moms, yes, I did go through all the emotions, all the experiences, good and not so good. The advices and exemplars which I received did help me to certain extent to prepare my mind. But there was one thing which nobody told me, becoming a mother would take me to a magical world, my very own Neverland!

It is like I have found a New Me after having my angel. It was only after becoming a mother, I discovered so many attributes of myself which I was unaware of and the Virtue of Patience would top the list ! Mothering has drastically changed me from one short tempered impatient girl to a very patient mother, who doesn't loose her cool easily (proud at that!) Numerous sleepless night, hectic days, calming my crying baby, initial feeding problems, unasked for advices, being judged and much more, all this had left me exhausted and stressed, but when I looked into my angel's eyes I got all the strength and determination to deal with the situations peacefully.

Becoming a mother unveiled to me a totally new dimension of love, the most pure and unconditional form of love a human can ever experience for another soul. When I was expecting, I always knew I would love my baby more than anything but when I held her for the first time, it was altogether a different feeling, something divine, like I had never experienced before!

The crude realities of the world had taken away the innocence and quiet a lot of sensitivity from me, but my daughter made me realise who I am actually at heart and this world is not that bad place. She revoked a sense of selflessness in me and brought back the long lost sensitivity!

The journey of exploring my Neverland has just started and i am enjoying every bit of it. In last eighteen and half months of my pregnancy and motherhood I have evolved as a person, a better human being and all credit goes to my darling baby! I will save a copy of this write up for her so that when she grows up and reads this she will know she's my sunshine, a breeze of fresh air and my lifeline!

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