It's not about branding, it's about acceptance
|   Sep 22, 2016
It's not about branding, it's about acceptance

Twinkle Khanna aka Mrs funnybones made into the highlights recently for her response to not changing her surname after marriage. She slammed a gentleman saying she would be Khanna for life with the hashtag 'Married not branded'. With due respect, Mrs funnybones and all the ardent followers of this thought, I beg to differ. I do not find changing surname after marriage or putting your husband's name after your's anything about branding I would rather call it acceptance! It's acceptance of your life partner along with his family and all family values, it's the assurance that we as one will take down the family values and name to the fore coming generations.

I am not sure about others, but I could have never been comfortable if my mom and dad would have had different surnames, on parent teachers meet my teacher used to acknowledge them as Mr & Mrs Joshi and that was so good to hear. Also, on wedding card, it was Mr & Mrs Joshi inviting for their daughter's wedding. What a sense of pride!

I always wondered how am I going to change my surname after my marriage! But to my surprise it came naturally, because the amount of pride which I felt in being called Ms.Joshi, the similar gratification I feel when someone addresses me as Mrs. Bapat. Changing my surname after wedding did not make me any less of my papa's daughter and can never amend my identity, my love for my family or hamper my individuality. It's all about how this whole thing of changing your surname after marriage is conceived, if taken positively it is only a small change which brings with it lots of new relationships for life! I did it because it gives me a sense of being an inseparable part of my new family and also because my man deserves it!

P.S. Above stated are exclusively my views on the subject and do not intend to hurt anyone's feelings or challenge anybody's opinions.

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