Your Milestones, My Achievements!
|   Jul 04, 2016
Your Milestones, My Achievements!

Ahh baby...u are growing, very fast, each day, at a great speed. You surprise me everyday and sometimes I am spellbound by looking at you...God is great, such a tiny being capable of doing so many things, I am amused.In your initial days you were not able to focus your eyesight and now you can very well distinguish between objects and people and have your favorites too! Wonderful!!!

A small baby you were, barely you could move your hands and legs, and just look at you are unstoppable. Although it becomes hectic for me to be constantly behind you, but it's also so much fun to watch you being engrossed in different activities:). Mesmerising!!!

Your little cooing has turned into blabber and the 'ba-ba-ba' 'ma -ma ' which you utter is melody to my ears. You call out for me in your own language, you express your emotions to a certain extent, and I just keep looking at you, dumbstruck!

You and me were like insomniacs for the first three months and now we sleep through the night (relief!), but I do miss our late night adventures ;)

When I look at your newborn clothes, I just cannot imagine how small you were! Whenever you outgrow any of your dress or fit into something which was meant for an older age group, I feel accomplished !The degree of happiness which I feel while shopping for you is unmatched, never felt it while shopping for myself :D

Baby, when you achieve any milestone, it's me who gets rewarded ! Keep growing healthily and happily!

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