Foodie Delight-Raising a happy kid
|   Mar 09, 2016
Foodie Delight-Raising a happy kid

I had never been so unsure about my decisions until i became a mom. Specially, if you are raising your first born, then every  day is a new challenge and one has to think a lot about  checks and balances. After couple of months, when post-partum stress subsides, a different  kind of world beckons us. To choose the best alternative from a vast sea of options is not an easy task. From clothes to pediatrician, from formula brand to diaper brand, the task is uphill. The well-wishers  do chip  in with  their valuable inputs but ultimately the decision has to be yours.  The responsibility and accountability can  be sometimes frightening.

It was very much there in my priority list from the very  beginning that i wanted  to inculcate good eating habits in my child. Isn't it what  every mom wants? Following are some excerpts  from my experience of making a  child healthy food eater-

Say no to "Processed food"-

I know, it's a bit tricky as preparing baby food is time consuming but this is essential to give a great  start to a child, during his/her formative years. The processing part robs the food-stuff of very essential nutrients and same food-stuff can never come close to a balanced diet.

Introduce veggies early-

fruits first or veggies first is a common dilemma.  I opted for veggies as they are tough to crack (not literally though). You may get advice on this but take a stand,  the early you start, the better would be the acceptance. I started feeding veggies to my girl at six months. Introduce veggies like carrots, beetroots, potatoes, cauliflower,tomatoes, etc. Go for the boiled puree form with a hint of salt and few drops of ghee/oil. Initially, the  baby may dislike it, but perseverance here is the key. 


Cereals can be started  as early as six months. Initially i mixed chapattis/rice with veggies and ground them in a mixer to get a thick paste and my little marshmellow relished it from day one.
Sugar and Spice, that makes everything nice:
You might say that I am out of my mind but it has been my experience that some toddlers grow bored of bland and dull food. A little bit of sugar and spice is all that is  necessary to satiate their taste buds and make them  interested in food.
Egg it on:
I  started eggs at six months. It's white  and yolk are equally good.  Don't believe the food fads about the yolk blindly.
Fruits and nuts:
As a rule, introduce every seasonal fruit. No fruit can do any harm provided it's seasonal. Mangoes in summers, oranges in winter can do miracles.
Nuts like cashew,almonds, pistachios are good in moderation.
Even Our Attitude matters:
Imitation  is the best form of flattery and we get it in abundance from our  tiny tots. Every word, every action of ours is being watched. Like it or not, our kids are going to pursue/imitate our eating pattern one day. They are always watchful, so one needs to be very careful as to what one puts in a plate. If your  plate is well decked up with dals, sabzi,roti, rice and salads , then chances are that the little one will follow the suit. Even the passion you show about daily routine foodstuff can be infectious. They pick up these nuances faster than we can imagine.
Try to make eating a mini-celebration rather than making it appear like a chore. Avoid grabbing a hasty bite yourself , as teaching to eat properly and in a healthy manner is  an integral part of raising a responsible future adult.
At last don't fret. Every child is  unique and the pattern/regime/mix  will vary from person to person. Just avoid junk, colas etc and rest shall shape  up well with time.

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