An Empowered Daughter-A short story
|   Dec 13, 2016
An Empowered Daughter-A short story

Mita’s father was a lower middle class businessman. He had imparted good education to his good looking daughter but only had few lacs to spare for her wedding. He had struggled with major illness during his younger years .Therefore finances were always on low side. But the family of five members had stood together and rubbed off hard times.Mita always looked up to her father for all the motivation and inspiration. She loved him unconditionally. He was her role model.

 Mita had 2 siblings, a younger sister and a much younger brother. She was an intelligent, modern, ambitious young girl yearning to do her post graduation. She being eldest understood her responsibilities and remained sincere in her youth. She only concentrated on her academics and never showed interest in dating or making new relationships with opposite sex.

She was in her last semester of final year of Graduation. Most of her batch mates were taking various coaching for post graduations tests and prepared for job placements.Mita had found job in Delhi through college job placements.

 It was normal weekend and Mita had come back home from her hostel as usual. Her parents took her to Nani’s home who lived in nearby city. There were few other guests already present at her Nani’s house. Mita was asked to sit along with them and chat. While chatting she sensed something fishy was going on as she could feel eyes staring and prying at her .After the guests left, on her persistent asking it came to her knowledge that actually guests had come to see her from their son.

She was taken aback, shocked.Never had she imagined that her own parents, near and dear ones would fool her this way. She was kept in dark all the while. She kept quiet as she now knew marriage was her fate .Still on her insistence her father had let her join her first job in Delhi.

She had not met the groom even once. His parents had liked her and wanted an early meeting of both them so that decision could be finalized. Their boy was highly qualified working with Top MNC in Mumbai.

Finally after about 3 months she met the boy in Delhi. He had called her up and had asked her meet in local café. The boy boasted about his billionaire company he worked with, chatted about his friends who were cigarette chimneys. Also mentioned how he liked girls with skimpy clothing and loose talk.

On the other hand, this being the first meeting with a stranger, she was scared and her face went white. Her hands were moist and her body stiff. She hardly sipped her coffee and spoke very few words.

The meeting ended in 15-20 minutes with boy showing complete disrespect and not interested attitude. He had called her after 2 days saying he did not like her.

On going back home, Mita had told her family about the disgusting meeting with the boy who showed no interest in her. Her parents were heartbroken .Her father blamed Mita for losing such a nice match, allegating her that she might have said something unpleasant.

Mita cried the whole night she could not bear her father’s harsh words. How could he trust some outsider as compared to his own daughter? Why was he so desperate for getting her married ,did he consider her as a burden, A girl child burden who has to be married off ,even it meant without her willingness.

She stopped visiting home, worked hard in her office, saved for her coaching and was now adamant for further studies even if it meant a revolt against her own father.

She burnt mid night oil, studied and prepared hard. In pursuit of her goal she did not buckle under family or society pressures.

She got admission in one of the Top Management institutes of the country, where she not only secured   her post graduation degree but also found herself a fine match.

It was fruit of Mita’s passion; trust in herself, then in her god which had given her the power to rely on her instincts. She had dared to conquer her own emotional demons.

Very few females in Indian traditional setups are able to break the stereotypes and make way for their happiness. Are you able to relate to Mita?


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