I let go My Son step by Step
|   Jun 27, 2016
I let go My Son step by Step

I got married twelve years back and ever since traveled with my kids and husband to different parts of the world for my hubby job projects. Being away from extended family my kids never had the opportunity to visit grandparents for holidays all by themselves.

After all these years we got posted to North India, it was this grueling hot summers which got us. We waited for summer break .For me undoubtedly it was welcome break from hectic morning schedule to picking kids from bus stops at different times in burning hot afternoons. For the kids summer holidays were beginning gala time away from books and weekly tests.

Various families in our society headed to holiday destinations or to meet grandparents both maternal and paternal in the very beginning of summer holidays. In the meantime I decided to visit my Mom’s place after few weeks of summer holidays so that holiday home work could be completed in time and I could freely enjoy my vacation. My in laws and mother insisted I should bring all the work and spend 2-3 weeks with them. They even requested me to send my son who is 11 years alone for which he vehemently refused.

Spending all the holidays at home in North‘s summer was quite a boring task .but still time ran fast and few weeks were left before schools to open.

I did not feel like going to Mom‘s place or to my in laws’ place as I was not keeping well. But this time something unexpected happened, my son insisted to go alone .I could feel that he was serious and really wanted to go .My Mom and in laws had lured him into buying his favorite toys and DVD’s.

It was first time since his birth that he wanted to go on a trip without me. He was feeling happy about his idea but me on the other hand found it very tough to let him go even for few days. As he planned for days he would spend there I was suddenly feeling insecure.

It was so scary to let him go alone. How would he look after himself, who will wake him up? Cook his favorite dishes, limit his screen time, unsupervised he would get struck in lift or fall off bicycle. His little sister would miss him awfully.

All those creepy thoughts clouded my rational mind and a very protective and possessive Mother could not bear her son to be gone. It was nothing like he was going for higher studies in new city or going to hostel.

That very day I realized cons of living in nuclear family always hanging around my kids’ .It was not that my Mom or in laws could not take care of him. Surely he would surely learn many things from them.

Probably it was time to let him go and prepare myself for his independence say  step by step.

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