It Takes four hands for Holistic Parenting
|   Nov 29, 2016
It Takes four hands for Holistic Parenting


Few years back, my cute little daughter came in our world. As it was a C-section, hospital nurses introduced diapers from very first day. On coming back home, as the weather became chill, diapers became my daughter’s best friend. Initially diapering was certainly gross, but  as parents we soon realized that these were unique and were a great replacement for cloth ones. Therefore we both were equally involved and got busy changing them by taking turns. It saved me time to catch a little nap and my hubby slowly became efficient in tying new diaper.

As the days went by we both felt that our little ones recognized being changed by different hands. She cooed if her father took his turn and smiled whenever I did it. This was her own bonding time with her father who sang a new bollywood song each time he changed. I sang a lullaby every time I changed. She kept calm in the whole process as she seems to enjoy it, making it easier for me to change her diaper. As months went by this daily chore with her became our quality time.

She slept through most of the nights as diapers kept her dry .She fell ill less frequently and most her milestones came before time. At about ten month age she started walking and to put her into a new diaper definitely required 4 hands. It took two of us to clean her, coax her and she would be in new diaper. As my hubby helped me with baby chores, we would take her along everywhere to restaurants, malls, movies, family get to gethers.She became more social and became familiar with most our friends and family members. Somewhere she imitated and did what she observed. #Parenting

 As she grew I bought her diapers according to her weight category. Pamper Diapers was always my first choice. As she turned into a toddler, I, we replaced diapers by Pamper pants. The soft waistband, ease of putting and removing them and lining of baby lotion made it ideal choice. Yes good diapers makes parenting easy as they offer 12 hour protection locking wetness away .Babies forget that they are wearing them.

We as father and mother co-parented her by sharing responsibilities which definitely helped her in cognitive, social and emotional development .Our bond with her got stronger and she grew into secure kid. If it takes two to make a baby certainly it takes 2 i.e. father and mother for happy & healthy development of the baby. Parents compensate and complement each other. Two perspectives come together which work best for the baby thereby insuring complete holistic development of the baby. Participation of both the parents in bringing up infants leads to less teenage problems as kids have more open, secure heart and mind. #Fatherhood

To facilitate effective parenting, I attended Bloggers meet organized by Pampers. I  came to know about the survey conducted by Neilson in association with pampers  some startling facts on parental behavior  like  97% of doctors believe involvement of BOTH the parents is a must for baby's development.90% moms want their husbands to be more Involved in Baby Care. 88% moms agree that their husbands hesitate to change diapers.   # Pampers Meet

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