Two different kids born to same parents
|   May 30, 2017
Two different kids born to same parents

The pregnancy strip confirmed that I was carrying. I tested at five weeks as I knew I had conceived and strip was mere formality. This clarity came as I was expecting second time. This second time I knew more things than any new mother. I had prayed very hard to almighty god that I wanted a baby girl. Primarily because my first born was a boy, other reasons being Girls bring perfect balance to the family of four. Perfect combination of Hum Do and hamare do.

My first born i.e. my son filled my life with tons and tons of Happiness, joy, Warmth and love. He grew with time and I realized that He is stubborn, temperamental ,hardly bothered about school studies but loves his mother and sister. Can’t hide his concern at his age (about 11 years) when I am hurt or upset. He is protective about his little sister and respects his father as he does not feel offended even after getting scolded by his father.

My second born i.e. my daughter. A gift of god, love of my life. She is pretty, favorite in her school, has enough grey matter to grasp new concepts in her class but is less vocal and less social .Definitely her father’s favorite in my family. Being younger and brighter she overshadowed her brother.

They both differed in several ways and parameters. Their milestones came at different ages. From behavior to academics, intelligence to passions, it seemed they were from different planets, although born to same parents.

After my son was born, I remained paranoid for he was unpredictable, cranky and slow to grasp concepts. I tried hard and often blamed myself for being not good enough mother .It was only after the birth of my daughter, that I realized each child has his strengths and weaknesses. Mother is perhaps the best person to acknowledge this fact .It is perhaps during the process of parenting which gives her insight into personality of her kids. One kid may take time to blossom, may need her more attention, care and sometimes her admonishment too. My expectations from my son very largely inflated and probably extravagant too. He underperformed under my pressure and bore the brunt of my expectations. I slowly learnt that his skills were unique and required encouragement from his own parents.

How’s so ever these things may seem little or simple ,in practice and reality all mothers buckle under peer and societal pressure assuming her child will be Einstein or some Superman ,who will shine in all spheres of his childhood life. Certainly parenting two kids gives you two types of experiences each day. Parenting always leaves you in an unknown territory; it is actually on the job learning and training while you are raising your kids year by year. Always give equal opportunity to each one of them so that they grow and blossom based on their inherent talent. Accepting your children as they are brings best out of them ,enhancing their ability and confidence to the maximum so that they excel in a journey called life.

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