|   Dec 22, 2015

Fear is only a state of mind. My 2-year old son taught me this.

It was one of those lazy Delhi winter mornings when the Sun god had been kind after many days. My son was playing in the garden with his ball and suddenly threw the ball at a sleeping dog. My son was asking him to play ball with him. The dog woke up in anger barking, saw my son and went back to his sleep. Much to my relief, it also sensed that the child didn’t intend to harm him, just wanted to play with him. He chased the dog around the entire garden and I had to finally take him in my lap so that the poor dog could finally go back to his sleep.
My mother blows the 'shankh' every morning. My son is so scared of its loud sound, that now he cries even at the sight of it. Even if you don’t blow the shankh and just bring it near him, he starts crying and wants to throw it.
He used to cry everytime the cooker whistled. At first, I couldn’t even figure out why he was crying. Then I made the correlation. He would cover his ears and cry really loudly as if something really bad had happened.  He would just come near me and try to hide behind me. Making Rajma was a really daunting task at that time! I had to show him several times that this is how we cook food. Now he has understood that it's nothing to be scared of and doesn’t cry anymore. He still covers his ears and is not very happy about it though.

The point is we are scared of the dog because we are always thinking it might bite me. My son has never seen a dog bite and so he is playful with the dogs. We know the harmlessness of a cooker whistle and a 'shankh'. And so, we are not scared of these things – whereas the child is not fond of loud noises and so is scared of any object that produces loud sound.

In a nutshell, most of our fears are self-made. If we learn to take out the element which is actually disturbing us, we would all become fearless. As Madame Marie Curie said,"Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood." 

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