Two ordinary people can make an extraordinary couple!!
|   Feb 26, 2017
Two ordinary people can make an extraordinary couple!!

Divya's house was bubbling with excitement and happiness.Every corner sparkling clean, mixed smell of flowers and cusines prepared by her mother.

Her father went through the check list for the last time,to make sure all the tasks were completed.

Everyone was waiting for Mr and Mrs Sharma and their son Rahul to reach there any moment.

It was the first formal meeting between the two families,wanting an arranged marriage for their children Rahul and Divya. 

Divya stepped out of her room in a pink saree,she was a simple,average looking girl with some of the finest qualities.

As her mother was busy admiring her,the door bell rang,Divya's father greeted the guests and escorted them to the drawing room.

Her cousins,uncle,aunts and all present were bowled over to see that Rahul was drop dead handsome and to their surprise his mother too was extremely beautiful and elegant. 

It was a comfortable meeting ,happy and smiling faces everywhere.

Rahul and Divya talked to each other for quite some time and then the guest left with a positive note.

Just like any other loving and close knitted family,everyone circled Divya and were sure of her affirmative response towards this marriage proposal.

But it came as a shock to them when Divya refused and said 'NO'.

Her mother started with her melodrama and all her cousin sisters in their heart thought she was the biggest fool on the globe to say no to such a well settled handsome boy.

On asking what was the reason for her denial to such an extraordinary proposal?

Divya replied- yes I want to say No to this proposal because I know I am not extraordinary.I know my limitations,I know I am an ordinary looking girl.

Getting married to Rahul means I will live in the insecurity Wether he will be faithful to me always?

Whenever and wherever I go out with him and his mother,people will judge us on the grounds of looks.

My identity will always be overshadowed by his looks.

I feel, somewhere his light will subdue my strength and I do not want such eclipse for myself.

I really appreciate Rahul and his family to recognise  my other qualities more than my looks,they are very good people but I wish for a compatible partner.

I wish for a person who is equal to me in all aspects,with whom I will be comfortable and I will be Me.

I want to make a happy relationship where my self esteem is never crushed.

I strongly belive that two ordinary people can make an extraordinary couple!!

Divya later got married to a man with a golden heart but average looks and she is extremely happy .

She selected peace of mind over looks and is very contented .

Yes!they are two ordinary people making an extraordinary couple!!

 We crave for extraordinary and try to ignore the ordinary.If we are not contented with what we have,if we can't appreciate our possessions,we will never appreciate what we achieve. To seek beauty and satisfaction in humble things is the finest trait one can possess. Your happiness depends on your thought process and your approch towards life.

Blessed are they, who can find beauty in simple,humble things!!!

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