Stop Cribbing,Be a 'Smart Mother'.
|   May 12, 2017
Stop Cribbing,Be a 'Smart Mother'.

Parenting a teenager is considered to be a challenge in our journey of parenting. As,this is the time when parents find it difficult to deal with the mood swings, irritation and behavioral changes in their teen child and teens on the other hand assumes that no one understands them. 

 This is probably the time when we have to adapt to a little different parenting style just to keep up with them. 

For a while just call to mind why our parents and grandparents never faced such problems? Which are faced by children and parents these days .Its because, resources and exposure were limited.

 Today kids have multiple choices,they are exposed to variety of things like gadgets, peer group pressure, competition and so on...

As parents and as mothers ,we have to teach them to deal with all these pressures surrounding them.

  For this,we have to be' smart mums.'

So stop cribbing and be a smart mother, bring small changes in your dealings and love raising your handsome teen boys or beautiful teen girls.

1) Start early -- incorporate in them few habits at a very early age like two minute prayers, respect for elders,any sports or hobby ,check on their expenses and this will over the time sync in their behaviour and when they come into their teenage they already will follow a set behavioral pattern.

2) Give them space -- let them develop their own identity, don't spoon feed always but help them in building their confidence.Let them learn from their own failures and success.Be a guide to them but don't make them your follower for small -little things.

3) Smart conversation -- this is the best that can help you to connect with your children in their growing years. Talk to them one on one, go for dinners ,cook with them ,go for a walk or a drive often, this will strengthen your relationship and keep a healthy-happy atmosphere at home. Involve them in small planning of yours this will boost their confidence and self esteem.

4) Be friend to their friends-- It is so required in todays time,to be friend to their friends. call them for dinners,talk to them when they come to your house(but remember with least interference) by this you come to know about their friends and their families and what type of children your child is spending time with.

5)Share your experiences -- take advantage of their happy relax mood and share your experiences, your life stories,your success and failures,your mistakes, this makes them realise that failures and bad times are part of life and are temporary phases ,a sense of security develops in kids and they start focusing on possitives.

6)Be on the same page -- when you introduce any type of discipline in your house, be on the same page with your partner. Being a mother you spend more time with children so make things clear between you and your patner before introducing anything to your child or even before buying them any stuff as sometimes chidren gets confused when both parents speak differently.This, at times develops a feeling of instablity in them.So avoid such complexes. 

7)Keep learning--last but not the least you keep learning new things with your chidren, try and be updated..enjoy the music of their choice or a movie or a web series they follow and they will find a good friend in you and they will not hesitate to share their fears and insecurities with you.

 And I bet you too can find your best friends in your teenage kids......So stop cribbing, be smart and raise your teen kids with confidence 💓

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