Things don't change,You change
|   Aug 31, 2016
Things don't change,You change

Things don't change  you change...Now, I tell this to everyone  who is trying to somehow  change some situations  in life.When my husband took a transfer  in same city where  my in laws  live, I was a bit uncomfortable initially. As till then, I never stayed with them for more than 15 days at a stretch.Be it,we went to their house in holidays or they came  to our place to spend time.Till we know, it's 15 or 20 days, they are also comfortable  and we give our best as 'adarsh  bahu' are okay with everything and their son is on high to give his best  for parents but when it comes to living together 247,things change both the side.Just after our shifting,kids trying to adjust in new school ,my husband in job,everything seemed so messed up ,new place,new environment  and all together a different routine from the previous  place.I had to adjust with my in laws routine, Sunday was no late getting  up.Breakfast,lunch, dinner were never short cuts and I started feeling as if life  came to a still....same routine, monotony,no ease.Irritation  creeped  in as months passed and started affecting  my behaviour. Most of the time, I was angry with kids,irritated and bored.With my husband, I started cribbing  on small things,and one day my little one said to me 'Maa you are no longer my happy mom these  days,always busy,I miss my happy Maa.It was an eye opener  for me I thought things have to change,I have to bring a balance  back in life so I get time for everything.I discussed it with my husband and in next two days arranged for a cook,as my most time was in kitchen and planned my priorities.My in laws were reluctant  in the beginning as till then no maid ever cooked in our house.It was women  of the house who always did cooking but now as kids growing and so many  other  works these days, things have to change.I had to become a little strong and make things easy for myself.I made it clear that I required help.I joined my gymn  back, visited friends and planned  things so that my in laws  and kids could get the best and I had MY  time in hands.Sometimes in life,instead of pitying  yourself,your conditions, you have to set your priorities  and make things comfortable  finding solutions, neither  things nor people  change, You change :) :)

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