What does a growing child need?
|   Feb 06, 2017
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What does a growing child need?

Child needs are different at each stage. And if you have two small kids who are just couple of years apart in age, you may be worried about their nutritional intake. My friends younger one who is just 2-year-old refuses the regular chapati - rice variety of food and it’s a constant struggle to feed him something nutritious and healthy. He loves to binge few snacks, however that will not suffice the growth requirement. Her older one, now 5 is very much on his own when it comes to meal. However, his needs are different as he is going to school, few extra classes and then its play time with his friends. So how would a mother decide whether her child is getting the required nutrition considering kids are fussy eaters these days.


One thing that can remain the same is however the health drink. It not only covers the gap that is often there in the meal that we offer, it ensures certain key elements like DHA and Vitamins are incorporated daily. For ex- Junior Horlicks has been designed keeping in mind the nutritional needs of a toddler (age 2 to 6) and states very correctly that child’s brain development happens rapidly till the age of 6. As moms, we have often witnessed days when a child does not take a morsel of food or is reluctant to try any or everything that you might have prepared. That’s because of various reasons- they are bored with the food, they simply don’t like to chew, they think mealtime is one ardent task and that mom would now be forcing him/ her to consume the same. Worry not. It’s also possible that the child is not hungry, you can introduce a health drink and make it a routine/ ritual. Just as how you get the child to believe that brushing teeth is mandatory, get him or her in the habit of consuming milk with health drink that he prefers (whichever brand that works for you).


I am not saying it will replace the need for staple diet but it surely covers the gap in the dietary need of the growing up child. Choose your health drink correctly; one that meets the nutritional requirement of DHA, Vitamin, Protein and Iron. For the younger child who might be undergoing a weaning process, it’s even more important to have a very strong alternative to mother’s milk as the transition from breast milk to bottle feed or glass feed is not going to be easy either for the child or the mom. So, while it may all sound difficult, 2 years is the right time to get your child used to a health drink.


Over the years, you will notice that your kid is wiser, stronger and sharper because he has received age appropriate nutrients right from the beginning. Change your health drink once your child reaches 6 years of age as he needs extra nutrients and extra supplements that health drinks for juniors may not provide. A growing child needs the right nutrition and your LOVE. They swear by what their mothers do and say because a child is closest to her. If he sees your confidence in him and the health drink, he will not say no. TRY IT OUT. HAPPY PARENTING.

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