Whether to have a second child or not.....
|   Jun 15, 2017
Whether to have a second child or not.....

Somewhere deep inside, Shruti knew she wanted a second baby. Somewhere deep inside she knew she was ready for 2nd pregnancy now that her first one was five.  On one of the those bright Saturday mornings, she was lazing around in her pyjamas and flipping channels.. she felt it would have been nice to get a sibling for her daughter. Together they will play, they will grow and will always have each other for company. She thought to herself, “When we grow old, my daughter will have a brother or a sister whom she can rely or fall back upon.”

Doorbell rings and it breaks her chain of thought. She gets busy with the household chores but the thought of whether to have a second child was still playing at the back of her mind. In the evening when she sat down again with her cup of tea, she scolded myself, “What’s wrong with me. It was I who had agreed to my husband willingly that we will parent only one child- whether it’s a boy or a girl. I will concentrate on my career and give my child best of education. Together we will save enough money for her to have a comfortable life and for us to have a happy retirement where we don’t have to rely on our children.  It was I who was convinced that a single child is not a loner, it’s how you raise them and it was I who believed that she will always have cousins and friends for company. True, I should not get emotional and change my decision.”

Her husband returns home at 7 pm and while she had decided she will not discuss this topic again, she starts, “Deepak, how about having a second child.” He looks at her and holds her hand and explains the same thing which he had done atleast ten times by now- “Shruti, we both had a difficult childhood where we just managed to get education and that too under extreme financial crunch. Do you want your daughter to compromise for small needs? Not really, right. Dhruvi is already being taken care by a babysitter who we don’t know will quit when. Who will take care of the second child. Do you want to give up your entire career looking after two kids? Why make life difficult when it’s going on so smoothly.”

It was true. Shruti had worked really hard for her career, she took just six months break when Dhruvi was born and today she was at the peak of her career. Second child would practically mean an end to her career as Dhruvi’s both set of grandparents didn’t stay in the same city. It would also mean immense responsibility on the couple and financial burden as Deepak alone would find it extremely difficult to cope with the growing expenses. But was she being selfish? No, she thought to herself. There is nothing selfish in trying to give the best to her daughter and having a comfortable life.

Dhruvi walked in and said, “Mamma, let’s play carrom. Papa is already here.” Shruti embraced Dhruvi and willingly followed her.


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