|   Jul 15, 2017

         The happiness of being the creator at the age of twenty one was something which I could not preconceive .It was a moment of joy, a moment of achievement ,a moment never to forget.But I as usual could not digest too much of happiness.It has always been with me ..whenever I see too much of anything I just can't control my emotions. So I again went on thinking that it was my hard work and my pain and my struggle then why all should enjoy.I in my innocence went on thinking that no one should intervene my own made world ..It is only me and my dreams that we should continue our new en-devour.With all this preconceived notions which has no explanations I didn't like the idea that anyone should come near my baby doll.I became too possessive about her . Mine was a very big family so everyone wanted to express their love but I tried to avoid everyone except a few.I just thought she was my creation and all the decision should be mine.Why could no one understand that I would never want to kill my own conceptualization. Why all the time I was being asked to prove that whether I am a good creator??Though now I know that it was all very useless questions and mind blocks but still at that time I could never pacify my mind that all could also love my daughter.In the course of time I developed a unique bond with my cutee pie. I started conversing with her and she with her cute eyes and loving hands started  responding to me and it was from that day that I thought my daughter would be my best friend .The friendship which we two started at her prime age of just one month is still culminating till date .We two never hide anything from each other.Whenever her dad used to leave me alone and go to his outstation work for weeks together I just loved to spend time with my cutee pie.We both had our own world I loved to do small small things for her and whenever I was depressed her cute hands would fondle me and all my pent up thoughts would just evaporate.My behaviour might have disturbed many at that time but nobody reacted much they thought it was better to leave me alone.So there I was with my dreams.......

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