NAUGHTY MOM...COOL KIDS......(from the heart)
|   Aug 13, 2017
NAUGHTY MOM...COOL KIDS......(from the heart)

Children become what they grow up with.It is wrong to say that "they are wrong".

I am a mother of two ravishing daughters who are my partners in all my mood swings. I enjoy their company....They make me feel alive...They rejuvenate me and I enjoy being young with them.Though I know every mom and kids are the best of friends.But here I just went to tell you that our friendship is not age bounded as such we are very open about any topic.

My elder daughter though sometimes talks to me as if .....SHE IS MY MOM. I still enjoy being with her and try to learn how she suppress her smallest wants so as I should not be economically stressed.But on the contrary I am just the opposite to her I along with my younger daughter enjoy all our wants and never do we compromise inspite of our economic crunch.Such are my bundle of joys.

I remember when my daughter started going to her college....I was tensed what she would demand to wear....But by God's grace she just wore what she regularly wore.Now I was not so pious like MY mom....rather I am of those NAUGHTY MOMS......It was I who bought for her shorts and a back open tops ...but lo!! she just started with her educative speech for me....

"Mommy what is this ,How can I wear all this to college?"

"Why not bachha everyone wears it now a days ,so why not you?Please don't suppress your wants."

"But Mummy , you are my Mummy ,how can you tell me to wear such dress!!!"

"Most of your friends are wearing such dress ,and moreover I too like it ....Girls really look smart .You should also wear."

"Mommy you are really crazy,I just don't like to wear frocks or any other modern wear....I just don't like."

Such is my daughter and such is ME THE MOTHER. We always compliment each other ,If I am wrong she guides and advises me and vice -versa . We three are a great team together.I love clicking selfies with my rocking daughters....I learnt from them how to pout and how to have a rocking pic. Our friendship is so fun filled and rocking that we enjoy the most when we trio are together.

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