Is giving your kids a global perspective important to you?
|   May 19, 2016
Is giving your kids a global perspective important to you?

                                              How have you tried to introduce your children to the world? 

Geography tends to be a subject that moms aren’t sure how to teach and more than this it is likely because there is not much awareness how to link it with day today lives .Kids understand the subject when they themselves have real experience of world they live in.

I love geography and have loved it since I was a young child. This love probably comes from traveling in school days with my parents every year in summer holidays. My dad always had travelling books and tourism guides handy with him at home. When I was a kid, I used to look at maps, atlas and into these travelling books in my spare time. So I really feel that my fire for geography began from my home from where I got sense to explore new places and world. I travelled almost whole northern India Himachal hill stations, Uttaranchal, to Himalayas with my parents in school days. After graduation and marriage I added lot in my list to ten European countries and almost many places in India now. I remember when I was in sixth grade we studied world explorers, world geography, and my teacher helped me to explore geography through models ,maps ,atlases with her interactive teaching methodology in those early days.

Young children learn through their senses and experiences. In an everyday walk children begin to understand how people relate to the Earth, how they change the environment, how weather changes the character of a place, and how one place relates to another through the movement of people, things, and ideas. With just a little encouragement and some direction, young children will develop the vocabulary, awareness, and curiosity that will help them better understand and learn geography.

My kid begins to love books and have a fascination with other cultures, people, and places since he was 2 as we travelled almost all major countries of Europe with him. I wanted to expand the concept for him and wanted go deeper with it. I want my child to know a little more than the name, location, and capitals of the world. What language do they speak? What is the physical geography and climate? What else is remarkable about the country? We have taken a lot of cross country trips visiting church history sites, family history, and European history sites, and seeing a lot of real geography! . Now he retained where he traveled and love to travel with us because he got chance to explore the nature around and children remember what they dig out for themselves. Also I helped him creating his personnel Travelling Book.

· The best way to engage geography is to immerse kids in the subject. One of the easiest ways to start teaching geography at home is to begin with the place where you live. Kids are often more interested in discovering geography when it begins with where they live. Once your children understand the geography around them they’ll be excited to learn about all of the amazing geographical locations throughout the world! The study of geography opens up the world to your children right inside your home. Go to family vacations, field trips, national parks, capitals, and various nearby places so that they can explore and experience themselves. Make geography come alive by allowing your children the opportunity to experience it firsthand.

· We can help encouraging kids to prepare their personnel travelling books where they can mention places they visit, what they like about the place, may be a picture or click of memory along and kids can keep on adding new information when places are mentioned in the news or in a book. In this way it will become dynamic continually growing hands on, and kids can have their own self-created resource.

· Purchase kids friendly atlas, world maps, geographic encyclopedia that’s full of colorful illustrations and facts. Encourage your children to look up travel stories and photos from magazines to complement the information in the encyclopedia. Zoom into these places on Google Earth. Learning how to create and detail maps is also a lot of fun! Your kids will have a great time adding rivers, mountains, borders and more to their maps as part of their geography lessons!

· Photography can inspire your kids to want to learn about a particular place. Whether it’s a picture they’ve seen or a picture they took on a field trip or family vacation, if they show interest in a certain place in a photograph, make that your next geography location to study!

Geography is an amazing subject to teach in at home. Not only does it encourage exploration and research, but it helps your kids to love discovering the world around them! I believe that geography is best learned through fun and hands-on learning! Once you start teaching geography at your home this way, your kids won’t want you to stop!

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