That’s how I Roll”..Cycling as a pasasion
|   Feb 05, 2016
That’s how I Roll”..Cycling as a pasasion

As quote goes “Fit Kids are happy kids”

Cycling plays an important role in the overall growth of a kid. Right from gaining strength to decision making ability, cycling nurtures over all kid development. Not only does it help them grow physically, but it also allows for them to grow mentally and emotionally.

In a world of touchscreen phones and gadgets, most kids don’t see a reason to go outdoors . A recent study has shown that a child learns on multiple levels with each new adventure while playing outdoors. My six year old was always passionate about cycling. I encouraged my kid to cycle from an early age of 3. His primary years were mostly spent in the UK till the age of four. So during our frequent visits to local parks he grew up seeing elder kids having fun with their bikes which made him curious about adventures that comes along with cycling. He got his very first bicycle at 2 and half years of age. I got amazed to find out how quickly he learnt pedaling at the young age of 3 and half without training wheels. Once he got the hang of successfully pedaling without falling, he got a huge sense of achievement. He was always thrilled to go to parks and had races with fellow kids and had fun. Fellow playmates and two hours of sweaty fun made him feel excited and happy always. I experienced that the whole process of balancing and controlling helped him to sharpen his psychomotor skills along with fun that turns out to be a win win situation as a mother for me. As kids learn to cycle in different environments, allowing your children to go off cycling and enjoying time away from home helps them to grow on all levels. Mentally, they are focusing on their surroundings, emotionally they are connecting with their body, and physically they are getting healthier with each trip out. They also have a chance to learn about safety tips like always wearing a helmet, and being considerate to all road users, be they pedestrians, drivers or fellow cyclists.

When we came back to India, I found somehow his passion not going a step further from where he was as a young sporty guy. Though now days he cycles in the society because parks nearby do not have any separate area for cycling and kids are not allowed to take their cycles. I hope there will be more investments for the biking culture so that more and more kids and elders would freely inculcate the real and green passion of their life. Cycling needs to be made cool, and more importantly, safe to expect continuous support. Bike lanes are a way to start. Bike racks near local train stations and bus stops would encourage everyday usage. Every kid growing up in India, must have wanted and owned a bike at some point of his childhood. We as parents and society, need to create a safe atmosphere for them to explore.

Happy rolling with your cycles!!

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