How Are Educational Apps Enabling Schools?
|   Jul 07, 2017
How Are Educational Apps Enabling Schools?

Modern day schools have come a long way. They are rapidly imbibing technology to render better quality services to the new breed of parents. In most of the metro cities and the Tier-I cities, more and more parents are working. Due to the busy life, they are not able to remain in touch with their kids. It is where educational apps have changed the things.

Now Parents Are Closer To Their Kids

Imagine a situation where your toddler is not feeling well, and it needs you immediately. What would you do? Well, you don’t have to worry now. With Teno, the school administration or the teachers can send the real-time messages, to the parents who can immediately get in touch with the kids and pacify them.

Better Informed Parents

Before the arrival of smartphones, the only way to notify the parents was emails and paper-based notices. Things have changed dramatically as almost every parent has a smartphone. Now, if a parent’s teacher meeting is postponed due particular reasons, the parents can be informed well ahead of time. It means a lot for working and busy parents who are already short of time. They can use it with their family. In the same way, the exam dates and other important schedules are reaching the parents timely. It means that more involved in the development of their kids.

Sharing Insights

No one knows a child more than their parents. They know even the minutest details and share an inexplicable bond with them. Sometimes these insights can be beneficial for the teachers who are handling the toddler or a grown up kid. For instance, your kid cries when left alone or when it gets introduced to new things. If you share this insight with school, or the teacher to be specific, they are well prepared to deal with any unexpected behavior. It increases the level of care that school is providing to the kids.

A Moment Of Joy

Your child in the school has just won the art competition while you were busy in a meeting. All of a sudden to you get this real-time message on your smartphone. Any guesses how would you have felt? It is what Teno does, it adds to your happiness and helps you enjoy your parental life more than ever. Gone are the days when you have to wait for days to get the result and wait for another week when you can treat your kid with its favorite pizza. Now you can take you entire family to a treat while returning from the office.

Technology That Adds Value

Educational apps have added significant value to the services rendered by the schools and have become an enabler in many sense. 

In the end, with educational apps like Teno

, the relationship between the schools has become even stronger.

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