Dad's Nakalchi Bandar..
|   Dec 28, 2016
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Dad's Nakalchi Bandar..

What are you guys doing? Was the only line I managed to utter, looking at my daughter and her “adda” (which she loving calls her dad), playing with mud in our garden. As I kept my shopping bags down and walked towards them, she jumped towards him, and secured herself in his arms. “Kyara come to mumma”, I kind of pleaded her. “Kyara say mumma no no” instructed adda to which she, in an equally naughty voice repeated “mumma no no”. I pretended to be angry and went inside getting busy in my household work. This was a usual activity for both of them. Making Kyara do whatever I disapproved of, was my husband’s favorite job. Unlike me, he was fun. She loved her dad's company and this was something I was always jealous of. I always focused on discipline and learning and he was all about playing. A few things that my daughter learnt from me, gave me a boost to teach her more and more. And yes I never missed a chance to flaunt that in front of others. It was a little something she did one day, that answered my question as to why be she a daddy's girl.It was my husband's birthday and a small hawan in the morning, gave the day beautiful start. As I turned towards Kyara, she very calmly was sitting with her hands folded and eyes closed, just like her dad was. I didn't teach her that. My mind, for the rest of the time during the hawan, was engaged in this thought only. My daughter folded her hands in respect and prayers, she offers her food to everyone around, before starting, and the most shocking fact for me; she started her day by offering her prayers to my husband’s grandmother, who’s resting in peace in heaven. These were not the things I taught her, these were not the things that even struck my mind. I always was busy teaching her the alphabets or the rhymes. It was her dad who taught her all of that. In all his games, was some hidden teaching for her, which she grasped unknowingly! She, as a part of his game, started copying all that her dad does. I, being at a mother’s platform, did not realize that dads play a different and an important role in raising a child. Teaching, feeding, or diapering is not just a mum’s role, but a dad’s too. This even reminds me of a beautiful video I saw last night that , in true expressions, explains the bond and connect a child shares with his/her dad. These kids are the biggest “Nakalchi Bandar, you could ever imagine, but these “Bandar” are, in utmost innocence, taking the most important lessons from us.

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