I'll raise you to be a leader
|   Mar 03, 2017
I'll raise you to be a leader

Being a mother to a growing child, I often think of peer pressure as an issue that needs to be addressed on priority. It’s not just me, but almost every parent who is going through this pressure which now crops up at a much younger stage of our child. The fact is that we as parents want our kid to be liked by others and be a natural pleasers. But do we understand that takes a strong personality to be the leader? To be a great leader, our kid have to stand up for what he really believes in. He has to take a stand against peer pressure and listen to his/her inner soul. However, being loud and aggressive, does not necessarily mean that the child will become a leader. We as parents, need to understand that the behaviour of the child does not define if the child bears leadership qualities or not, it’s his/her attitude. Leadership isn’t about telling others what to do; it’s about inspiring and influencing others along the way.

Being at the parent’s platform, we need to nurture our child to become a leader, which starts at a very young age. And the first step towards it is teaching them to be independent. Baby sitting and pampering a child is very easy, but teaching them to do stuff on their own is the real technique. Let them be messy, let them be destructive, only then will they be creative. We have not given birth to a robot, who will follow each and every command, instead, they are a living soul, who would create their own world. All we can do is to teaching them to set their personal goals, which indeed is an important leadership skill. The goals can be as small as reading an article a day, or anything, but there should be one. And as their guides, it’s our duty to encourage and inspire them to make their own decisions. Setting the goal and precisely what goal is going to be, should be their own decision and we can just guide them. When kids make choices with confidence, they are more likely to stand firm in their beliefs. These small decision making will give them the confidence, which would help them when it’s time to make big decisions. There may be times when they would fall, fail and cry, it’s that time we need to teach them about thinking positive and solving problems on their own. I am not saying that the child has to deal with everything on their own, but when kids learn to approach challenges with a positive attitude, they build self-confidence. Problems are a part for the journey, but leaders don’t stop or back out, they keep trying until they reach their goals.

So my little daughter, you’re just 15 months old, and it’s time for me to make a promise to you. This journey of life is full of pressures, but I won’t impose any on you. The walk of life will be full of stones, but I won’t hold you; you will fall and fail many a times, but I won’t console you. Instead I’ll teach you to stand on your own, have a bold voice and make your own decisions. I won’t say that this path would be easy. All I’ll say is that it’s easy to shine like a moon with the sun’s refection but difficult to be like the sun and burn to have your own light. I’ll not just make you grow my love, I’ll raise you to be a leader…

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