Mumma needs her good night sleep
|   Aug 03, 2017
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Mumma needs her good night sleep

"Finally all's done", was my first thought after I delivered my daughter. Happy & relaxed, I was finally settled in the room allotted to me. It was somewhere around 11:15 pm when a nurse, carrying my daughter, entered the room. I was under the impression that they would keep my daughter in the nursery for that night; but that wasn’t the case. The night went by, with me struggling for some sleep and feeding her every now and then.

It was finally a fresh day but an exhausted me. The day was all occupied by the visitors and the nurses (for their regular dressing). My hospital was an old school one, to an extent that no one ever came to guide me about how to handle the baby or to feed her. It was all a hit and trial method for me. Every time I breastfed my daughter, I complained about a severe pain but nobody really paid any attention. It was then, after 2 days of my delivery, that my M.I.L (who was not in town earlier), came to the hospital. On telling her my problem, she concluded that my breast were engorged. I wanted to cry hard, the moment she explained me the situation. Why is that so, that people explain you everything that'll happen to you during the pregnancy phase and delivery, but nobody really tells you the after affects? Here was I, with both my breasts engorged and my baby crying for feed. Breastfeeding her was immensely painful and not feeding her worsened my situation. I cried all day... And then came the magical solution - breast pumps. However, the problem did not end there as the nurse got an old school pump. Expressing through those pumps were even more painful than the process of delivering. My niples got cracked, my breast got even more hard and my eyes filled with tears. It was then in the evening, when my husband started his hunt for a better breast pump that could solve my problem. With a ray of hope, he re-entered my room with a breast pump by Chicco. Honestly speaking, I resisted to use it initially. Then after all the convincing done by my husband and mother, I started expressing. It was probably the most gentle thing that had happened to me in those 48 hours. It was super soft to my skin with utmost efficiency of expressing. But to my utmost happiness, the pump worked wonders for me. It was extreme convenient to use as the lever helped a lot in painless expression of milk.

For all these years of my life, I had a perception that delivering a child is the most difficult part. Little did I know that breastfeeding was equally tough, specially for your first few days. I spent 3 days in the hospital, doing nothing but struggling. I ate, I breastfeed, I expressed... and the cycle went on.

Undoubtedly, mother's milk is the best for the baby but keeping up with all that stress and with a weak body, is the most difficult part. But somehow, expressing milk, sorted things out for me. I was a good milk producer but my daughter use to take it very little and expressing & storing it gave me that extra time to rest. I still remember sleeping an extra hour while my mother use to give my expressed milk to my daughter, when she needed it. For this new generation mom's, who work, who need some me time, who need to go a little easy while providing best to their babies, breast pumps are a blessing.

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