Sorry Mom, its a Mother In-Law Day...
|   May 17, 2016
Sorry Mom, its a Mother In-Law Day...

It was 8th of May morning and as I opened my eyes, my husband, holding my 6 months old daughter and a jumbo Archies card said, "Happy Mothers Day Mommy", on my daughters behalf. It was my first as a mother and I was overwhelmed with this gesture. But my smile somewhat vanished, looking at my mother in law, whom i greet as Mom, working in the kitchen. She was all wet in sweat and her hands were searching for a wok to prepare "Bhindi ki sabzi" for lunch, for it being my & my husbands favourite dish. As walked towards her to touch her feet and wish her for the day. Her eyes suddenly sparkled like a diamond as she kissed my forehead and wished me back.

As everyone left for their respective work, including mom, and my daughter went off to sleep, i holding my cup of tea and the day's newspaper which was all about mothers day, got lost in my thoughts about it. We all have these days as mothers day, fathers day, daughters day and even labours day, but then why not "in-laws" day? Aren't they really special. Being a mother my self now, i realise what my mother must have done for me, but I haven't ever gave a single thought for what my mom or "Mother-in law" did for me. She is the one who accepted and loved someone else's daughter all and equal as her own, she was the one all by my side during my pregnancy, she gave me all the options in the world possible to help me find 1 thing i felt like eating during my mood swings. She quickly and secretly got into the labour ward just to comfort me, she was the one who woke-up all night holding my few days old daughter while I could catch on a lil sleep. "Mom, you took care of me while I was unwell, you always stood by my side on my every lil argument with you son, you guided me when I was wring and guarded me when right."

This mothers day is actually a Mother In Law day for me where I realised how important and special these mom in laws are. Its very easy to pin point the flaws in your in laws, but very difficult to realise what they actually do for you. Being a mother my self now, I realise how impossible it is to love someone else like your child, which these mother in laws does so perfectly for you.

Thank you all the Mother in laws of the world for being so special. Thank you for kicking the "in law" form our relationship and just being my MOM. Happy mothers day mom and not just this day, but EVERY DAY IS A MOTHERS DAY.. 

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