Time To Plan Your Child’s Nutrition!
|   Jun 01, 2017
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Time To Plan Your Child’s Nutrition!

From all those important teachings my father gave me, I only remember a few. We mostly tend to turn a deaf ear to what our parents have to say, and especially when we ourselves aren't in their position. But the moment you step into their shoes, things turn around completely. From all that my dad had to say, I just grabbed one thing or rather one of his lines, "BETA KHAAYA PIYA HE KAAM AATA HAI LIFE MEIN", it's the nutrition we consume that keeps us going throughout our life. He was right. And now being a mother, I realize that he was more than just right.

My daughter is in her growing stage where fulfilling her need for a nutritional diet is a big task and that too when all she cares about is the taste of the food. Every dish is assessed only on how pleasant it feels on her taste buds. Apart from the three meals required in a day, snack time is also a very important part of our kid’s daily diet. And making it fun, tasty yet nutritious is what we all struggle with. My eyes are always hunting for something healthy for my daughter's snack time. A few days back, I got a chance to attend a meet by NESTLÉ where “NESTLÉ a+ Grekyo” (a NESTLÉ operated company) introduced us to an amazing product. Healthy snacking options are always what we look for our kids and if yogurt fits into it, then nothing could be better. My daughter loves yogurt and NESTLÉ a+ Grekyo came as a blessing to me. It's flavor and creamy texture is what my daughter is a big fan of, and the extra milk protein and calcium in it is what I am a big fan of. At the meet, we also got a chance to interact with a nutritionist who informed us about the things we needed to understand before designing our child's meal plan. It’s difficult to completely fulfill nutritional needs including those for of calcium, proteins and vitamins in these growing years of our child. Our child needs double the proteins and half the amount of calcium being eaten if compared to an adult’s dietary requirements. All the snacks I prepare for my daughter satisfy these needs. Grilled cottage cheese, fruit salad, potato bits, Grekyo and Oreo ice-cream... it's all that she and I love.

Sometimes a simple interaction with someone changes you for good and forever. This meet by NESTLÉ was something like that. Healthy snack options are in-numerous, you just need to explore and understand more.

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