10 things that Parents Tell Children not to do but do it themselves!
|   Dec 04, 2015
10 things that Parents Tell Children not to do but do it themselves!

After the previous serious articles, it is time for some fun! Here are 10 Things that We / Parents ask Kids not to do but do it ourselves. Note that this is just a fun article of awareness and not meant to point fingers or disrespect anyone. It is meant for all of us and not anyone in particular. Enjoy!

Do we think kids don't notice these? ;) ha ha

1.      Pick our nose

2.      Eat shabbily




3.      Watch a lot of TV. "O common, I watch TV ONLY after they go to sleep". Well, that's what your kid told me too! Kids know.

4.      Stay up late

5.      Eat while watching TV

6.      Not bathe! ~ Eww... Don't you hug me ~

7.      Lie

  - "Beta you take the phone and tell uncle I am not home". Ha ha!!

8.      Keep a Messy Room

9.      Yell

10.   Be Jealous and Not Share


Aren't we the ones who often want to HIDE that lovely resource - the cleaning lady, a wonderful book or greatest deal in a store. Why share? Why give others the benefit? And then I don't want to give that to my sister! Hell No, it belongs to me! Ha ha. These are the moments when are just grown up kids and small kids learn by observing us ;)

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