|   May 10, 2016

This article cannot start without THANKING Mycity4kids for the perfect Mother's Day topic - Why is Everyday Mother's Day?

Come to think of it, #EverydayIsMothersDay. We don't even realize how much we do as mothers. All that frustration we feel, can be melted off easily if we just sat back like a 3rd person and observed ourselves. We Moms are a Melting Pot of Bursting Energy. If the world drew energy out of us Moms, every single part of the world would be lit forever! So this is a dedication to all my Buddy Moms who keep this Universe alive. Mother Earth and Mother's on Earth - You Are The Real Heroes! What does a real day look like in a real Hero's life -  a Hero who is not a MALE, nor sitting on a throne. A hero who is one because SHE committed to HER day-to-day mundane agenda.

 Everyday is Mother's Day because there is nothing like a PERFECT DAY in a Mom's Diary.

Everyday I am the first to wake up in the home, with a hungry stomach and million To-do things on my list. My head wants to jump at all the kitchen work, cook and pack her lunch, etc. and my heart says - "Stop Rima. Get through your Suryanamaskars first, at least a few. Sometimes I get through 12 in 12 minutes, sometimes 8 suryanamaskars and sometimes zero.  I am with you Moms - everything in the world can wait, get 15 minutes of your health time, you deserve it!

 Everyday is Mother's Day because everyday is 'Rush-in-the-morning-Day' with no exception.

A mother has no leisure waking up. I can't open my eyes, dream about my day and stretch my arms. I just have to jump out of bed, finish a few yoga minutes, quickly make warm water for everyone, prepare my daughter's breakfast, prepare and pack her lunch for school, prepare my husband's tea and in doing so - sometimes it spills over because I get distracted with my daughter's endless list of non-stop words when I already have a million other words in my mind!!! Ha ha. So everyday is a 'Real Day', not all neat and easy.

 Everyday is a Mother's Day because everyday is a Marathon Day.

While the tea spills and I prepare her lunch box, give her breakfast and multi-task so many things ready, my tummy is grumbling but then she says she needs help with her hair. After that I have to get my purse, get her to sit in the car 'QUICK' and beat the traffic while also keeping safe, to reach her school before 8.00am, all while also smiling and bidding her good bye on a stomach that has been hungry for 70 long minutes! 

We moms who drive our kids are these unpaid yet dedicated chauffeurs. Salute!

 Everyday is Mother's Day because everyday is a day of some kind of frustration.

O and while I happily think that I will get to eat 'as soon as' I reach home, I have to trash the idea because the Trash Can needs to be out in the front yard ON TIME and also the trash bags seated under my kitchen sink. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.... when do I get to eat!!! ha ha.

 Everyday is Mother's Day because Everyday is a day Loaded with work.

Okay, so I eat my Oranges and Flax-Chia seeds and remembered my medicines and yet while doing so, my mind is buzzing with all the things I must finish before 3pm. The groceries I shopped and cleaned last night, need to put be put back in place, I need to clean the burnt stoves, wash the utensils (vessels), mop the floors, etc.. Well, I am in USA, I am my own servant :'( First I grump, then I sing myself a happy song and say  - "Got to do it so get going!"

 Everyday is Mother's Day because everyday I also learn and earn. A working mother is 20 machines put together!

After doing up the kitchen, I sit here, writing this article with passion and yet my mind is pre-occupied with my pending job work. I leave for work before she come from school after 7.5 hours! I will miss her :'( I also need to earn (even though I don't like this work) to support a better present and future for she and I.

 Everyday is Mother's Day Everyday is also a Day Full of Love and Surprises.

No matter how bad I feel with all chores, responsibilities and more, yet, I feel blessed, special, awesome to be paid with PURE, INFINITE Love. For my Mother's Day early morning surprise, she bought me a lovely bag, a photo-frame, hand drew a great rose, made 2 cards, this drawing and gave me the best hug in the world. What more can I ask for!

 Everyday is Mother's Day because it fills my soul with Unconditional Love & Gratitude for all that I have.

I knew she would have many surprises for me and so she deserves one too! When I make cards for her, I forget the world around me, forget all my worries and frustrations. I bet you Moms agree!

 Everyday is Mother's Day because everyday my heart SINKS & SINGS as I watch her stunts.

It is both - a moment of worry and a moment of pride. She does it so fearlessly! Thank you to her Taekwondo teachers and to her for becoming a child who would not step onto a baby slide at 4 years to now at just-turned-6, not only going onto twisted, tunnel slides but even doing this!


Everyday is Mother's Day as I do meaningful activities with her and go out of my comfort zone to give her the best of friends, values and life!

Wishing all you Mother's - the managers, organizers, teachers, chefs, chauffeurs, doctors, financial managers and much more, a great Mother's Day, a great everyday! If we Mom's were paid for our 24 X 7 jobs, we would be the highest paid employees in the world. We work even when we sleep because in our sleep as well, we plan for the next day, worry about our kids, think of what we could do better and bear all the criticism closed in our hearts. From today, let us not let anyone take away your inner strength and let us demand RESPECTED for all that we do. We deserve Love, Care and Appreciation and we must be the first persons to give it to ourselves!

This image credit goes to: http://www.motherday2016.com/mothers-day-poems-in-english-2016/

 Everyday is Mother's Day because I miss her kicks in my tummy and the little, pink fingers holding mine tight and till today she lights the candle within my heart with her twinkle eyes and beautiful smile :) @ every Mother's Truth.


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