THE GAME OF 'ROSES & THORNS' to play with your kids
|   Sep 08, 2016
THE GAME OF 'ROSES & THORNS' to play with your kids

Once upon a time there was a super active girl who loved to play just as much as any child does. Pretend play was her best one of the lot and  her imagination soared high and wide as she role played teacher, doctor, shop-keeper, restaurant owner, sailor and more. Her loving and rather caring mom, ensured that she gave her daughter enough time and knew all about her and her entire day to keep her emotionally safe. By now the girl was 6 and mom was beginning to get busy with part time work. For 5.5 years her mom had been a wonderful stay-at-home parent and now that her daughter was off at school for 7 hours, mom could do more than home and family. 

While this S.A.G. - Super Active Girl loved her mom and felt she has the best momma in the world, she disliked one thing for sure. Mom always wanted to know how her school day went, what was nice, who wasn't, what happened in class and in the playground but the daughter did not enjoy sharing that. She had never been the girl to come home and 'share' everything. It was almost like there are 2 types of kid personalities. Those that will share everything with their parents, rather they have a strong need to and those that were content in their own world. 

So mom decided to play the game of- 'Share Your Day' on the dining table. Mom would share, dad would share and so would she. Sometimes it was fun and sometimes not. At least that way she could tell what happened in mom's day and what was fun and felt  bad to her from the day and dad kind of expressed his day. 

One day mom visited a brief gathering at her preschool where one parent suggested the game of 'ROSES and THORNS'. Instead of asking what happened throughout the day, each family member would get a chance to announce the 'roses' - that is the good parts of the day and the 'thorns' that is the bad parts of the day. Luckily mom was receptive to learning, appreciated the idea and immediately started applying the Roses and Thorns game...

...3 years later...

Till date, this game works wonders. Today mom and daughter spent valuable time together and mom even volunteered at school and yet daughter wasn't the one who would share much about school unless she 'had' to. So before sleeping mom asked-  "Roses and thorns for today?" and bingo! there came out a thorn - an important one. Daughter said how the story in class was emotionally overbearing because a 'GOD' of Greece I think was punishing someone with an illness. It conflicted her whole idea of 'GOD' and she always hated hearing someone was put to pain, given harsh punishment or harmed. AFter sharing that and looking at possible solutions to cope, daughter fell asleep right away, snoring away to maybe a glorious dream.

This game is simple, fun, works anywhere and with any age 3+ Hope this helps. Remember to share your day with your kids too. That way they understand and can relate to your part of the world as well and feel closer and more bonded. 

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