The WomanInMe Unknowingly Harms Another Woman – generations long story of innocent beings...
|   Mar 11, 2016
The WomanInMe Unknowingly Harms Another Woman – generations long story of innocent beings...

* Disclaimer: This is not an article addressed at or to anyone or any entity / organization in particular. This is article a mix of facts and personal views and not intended at personal accusations of any kind, rather for creating 'good awareness'. Readers must be discreet in using the information provided here. 


Really, this is a strong statement isn’t it? How can a woman rape or even want to rape another woman?! The greatest nightmare of all times that lurks behind in our mind every second is the fear of being sexually hurt aka raped. The word itself sends fear signals across our body, maybe reminding us of an incident or news. Maybe you have goose bumps on your skin already. Can there be anything worse than experiencing rape?

I haven’t been comfortable hearing about rape ever. It reminds me of a horrible incident with our temple priests daughter and her screams when she was 9years (I was just a few years older).  Also, growing up in Mumbai, it was a daily thing for men to eve-tease and rub into us girls as we travelled in crowded buses or walked on overcrowded streets. There are so many rape cases we have raised our voices against and maybe spent sleepless nights on. Then, how can one Woman even dream of hurting another woman in such an extreme manner? It’s a valid question and it has an answer, maybe a rather shocking one!


Drinking Milk is such a deep-rooted tradition in India. It is our 3rd survival element after air and water. In fact, we have intense emotional bonding with ‘milk’. A child is shown much love over his or her drinking milk (“Mera Acha Bachha”) and a child’s day cannot start or end devoid of milk. It is almost ceremonial. From mithais, paneer, cheese, makhan, malais, dahi (yogurt), chaas, to CHOCOLATE, “we are heavily Dairy-Dependent”. One non-living thing has so much power over us. But, where does this power come from? 


The answer is simple, the power comes from the Mother. The mother that generated this milk, milk for and ONLY for her offspring. The mother who wanted to nurture her little, helpless calf, who wanted to ensure that her calf could build the muscles, tissues, cells that it needed for becoming a beautiful and healthy cow like her. “The mother, who wanted to make her offspring feel SECURE, SAFE and LOVED. This milk was her gift from nature, from God and that gift was STOLEN away by US HUMANS, not once, not 10 times but a MILLION TIMES!”

So her body fought, it fought this atrocity. It decided to produce more, out of worry, anxiety, fear and concern for her baby. It created more and we humans took awaymore. We kept extracting it until a time when her body could produce no more and her RATHER DISTURBED MIND GAVE UP with complete helplessness. “We had successfully proved that as humans we are P-O-W-E-R-F-U-L and that we DESERVED what we took”.


1.  A cow’s body produces milk only for her calf.

2. Every species of animals including humans require milk to be consumed from its own species, in fact from its own mother only! We DO NOT NEED COWS MILK TO SURVIVE, GROW or STAY HEALTH. Don’t believe me? Read here: (some content courtesy to this site).

3. Humans are the ONLY species that consume milk in adulthood and milk from another species.
4. Our body doesn’t absorb calcium from cow’s milk. It only absorbs proteins and those proteins are equally found in daals and pulses.
5. It is a misconception that we benefit from having cow’s milk or will be deprived if we stop it.

Dairy is often made in a D-I-R-T-Y way. Dirty in both manner: the way cows are treated and the way milk is treated before it reaches our saliva. The former is more harmful to our health that the latter. The way cows are treated are the root cause of many of our health problems.  

*Note: These points below may not apply to EACH and EVERY Dairy supplying entity. It is at best a general view for thousands of such practicing entities across the globe. For each of the points I write below, I want you to COMPLETELY Imagine YOURSELF in the Cow’s place or maybe your daughters! This is real stuff and if you can’t feel it for real, you need to become more human:

1. Cows are forced to MATE with several mates at the brink of puberty to produce many off-springs throughout their life.

2.      Suction cups are kept HOOKED to a Cow’s Breast for hours, weeks, months! Imagine this on yourself. Cows are even RAPED, REPEATEDLY for the     same reason. Officially sexually abused over and over and over again, witnessed by Humans, the humans that OWN THEM.

3. New born calves are forcibly taken away. They are not allowed to be nursed and all of this causes deep emotional TRAUMA in the calves and of course in the mothers too.
4.Since these suction cups cause much pain and side-effects like puss and infections, cows are given SEVERAL painful INJECTIONS to counter-act this effect.
5. Further, they are given hormonal injections to increase their milk productions. Imagine more and more needles thrusted down your nerves, EVERY SINGLE DAY. Ever witnessed a close family member with chronic or sudden illness?
6. The suction cups have much force. Milk is sucked out forcibly that creates a lot of discomfort and pain.
7. When others touch a cow’s breast, esp. men, cows feel it. They feel the same discomfort as us, they feel the gender difference as us. They are as feeling and gentle beings as us humans or us WOMEN!!! Yet, they have to stay SILENT, swallowing all HURT, GRIEF and PAIN.
8. Milk is often homogenized, pasteurized and treated repeatedly before it reaches us. Often times even MIXED with ingredients that are harmful or artificial. This kills all nutrients or benefits that would reach our body.
9. Once the cows grow old or do not yield results, they are MASSACRED, BRUTALLY CHOPPED INTO PIECES so that their body parts are used to make other food that humans eat - beef, gelatin, etc. 

We consume milk that has not only been OVER-TREATED and is IMPOVERISHED but also one that come from several beings that were mistreated, victimized, traumatized. Let's say we receive milk from the farms where cows were NOT ill-treated at all. Yet, the fact that we are consuming milk from a mother whose milk was gifted to her ONLY and ONLY for her baby, is enough to hold up a RED FLAG. We consume their emotions, their hurt, experiences and all of that gets passed on into our blood, body, mind, organs and creates curses and diseases we find other reasons for. More so, there are so many Vegans (people who consume no animal products including no dairy) across the world who are living healthy. If you are or have been a mother, I will like you to remember the time when you had your baby. How did it feel to either nurse or not nurse your baby? Also, how easy was it to express your milk or use a breast pump?

I AM VEGAN for most parts

I consider it an honor to be forced to be a VEGAN. I suddenly grew severely allergic to DAIRY and all DAIRY PRODUCTS in the minutest quantity – ghee, butter, everything! I don’t want to be an INNOCENT MURDER and an AGENT (Nimit) for such much pain in other innocent beings. I do crave to eat chocolate, mithais but keep it to very minimal and use ghee as herbal medicine when it’s the last measure to cure.

I have been EXTREMELY attached to MILK since childhood until now. It was one of the toughest thing to let go since like many Indian children, I had emotions of NURTURING and CARE attached to milk. It is a way parents and families show love (through mithais, family moments on breakfast with milk, etc). And now, once I gave it up slowly over last few months, I feel great to have let it. I feel RELIEVED from the burden of a Cow’s painful cry. I don’t want to force it on my daughter yet but I have informed her about the truth. Even at 5 years on hearing that cows are ill-treated immensely, she asked me – “Mumma, can I stop drinking milk?” Mind you, my daughter is VERY ATTACHED TO MILK, like most of our kids and yet she is ready to think of giving it up. Then we can’t do it at 35 or 45?


“Knowingly or unknowingly, we are RAPISTS, CRIMINALS and SADISTS. We are committing massive crime on numerous beings and using it to seemingly protect our kids and our bodies. The truth is we are only causing HARM. I hope this article sees you in a new light. My sincere request to all MOTHERS and WOMEN. Be a Woman, Be Compassionate and Kind!”
It may not be rational, easy and possible to completely chuck years of habit all together. Yet, something is better than nothing and every drop makes a sea. It doesn't have to be all-or-nothing. Let's say just giving up on eating cheese or consuming dairy only 3 days a week to begin with and slowly progressing to higher goals? Thank You for reading through and sharing this valuable message, dedicated to all cows, all mothers, all women of the world!

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