ASSURANCE, must for kids for their well being
|   Oct 25, 2016
ASSURANCE, must for kids for their well being

 As a parent we always want that our kid should listen to us and follow us. But making them doing this, we sometime or most of time, forgets the pressure they are facing. As I say that our world revolves around our kid, same happens with our kids too. For child from his birth till his teen age, his whole world revolves around one word and that is PARENT.

For children between age 6 to 10, their normal routine revolves around family, friends, school and after school activities. In this routine sometimes they are good and sometimes they made mistakes and as parents we generally scold them. But at this point our child need ASSURANCE.If a child develops emotion of fear for his parents.  He will start hiding his things and mistakes which results in telling lies and making imaginary stories.

Now the main thing is that how to give assurance to our child

  • Whenever child make mistakes we get angry and upset as a result we scold them.But before scolding the child, always try to remember what you did during this age. Try to put yourself in your child's shoes. And seriously when you will do this thing, your anger, frustration will fade away. You will be able to understand his problem and the reasons for the problem clearly. Do the root cause analysis?

Root cause analysis – My son is 9 years old. For the last few months he was not finishing his lunch box in school. I scolded him for this and asked him to strictly finished his lunch box. But later I found that in spite of finishing he started hiding his lunch box food in bag or throwing under the bed such as parathas. Then I did the root cause analysis of his problem and I found that it was the parathas which he was not eating in school. Now I started giving him rice dishes instead of parathas. And I got positive result. Now he finishes his lunch in school.

  • Then make sure, by the end of day you should sit with your child and TALK.  Tell him the reason why you get angry and all the pros & cons of his mistake. By this process your child will realize his mistake and will talk more freely to you. Try to counsel your child. And remember while doing this remain calm and friendly with your child

  • In normal day to day routine and specially before going to school, assure your    child that if somehow he commits mistake then you are with him to help him.

 This what I do with my son. Every day in morning I tell him to focus and behave properly in school. I always tell him that if he did any mistake then tell me first, so that I can help him.

  • Try to be firm and friendly with your child. Discuss with him how he spent his day at school. Discuss about his friends and other activities. Share your experience, what you used to do during this age. This will enhance your bonding with your child. As a result, he will share his all problems and feeling with you.

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