MOM's the Real Angels !!
|   May 08, 2016
MOM's the Real Angels !!

On the eve of mothers day, I salute all the mothers who are putting their tireless efforts, to put a happy smile on the face of their babies. I have always believed that a woman who gives just birth to a baby is not the mother, but its the woman who along with the baby gives birth to her new self her new avatar. She gets emboldened with new energy, gets more responsible for the new life and is ready to take on any evil force which threatens her baby.

Dear Mom, having you as such mother is truly a blessing, a boon from the God, given to me for this life and I hope for many lives to come.  I bow to you as you have always tried to fit into my world, to understand my likes and dislikes. Preparing me for the fancy dresses to storytelling to drawing to study revisions, I can remember you in my every participation and success. I know I have failed your expectations countless times, and this day, for that matter every day I hope you forgive me for all the mistakes I made, intentionally or unintentionally. I feel bad of the times I shouted at you, but, you are the only one I know, will take me back even if I do so. I know this doesnt give me the license to hurt you every time, and I am trying to change myself as a better daughter, a better person. I only hope that someday Ill be the daughter you would like to see and the mother my baby would like to have. I thank you for being in my testing times and giving me strength to stand up and fight back. Thank you for being my friend, my teacher, my boss, my mom and most importantly my babys mom!

Today when I see you becoming a mom again with my baby, I feel so happy. I know that he is in the safest hands possible. I know that he will get best of the inputs like I got, to stand strong and live his life on his own terms.

But maa, I would also like to see you living your dreams. I know them and pray to the almighty to give me enough strength to help you realize your dreams.

Happy Mothers Day Maa!

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