The Story I weaved From An Image of Sankranti Festival !
|   May 11, 2016
The Story I weaved From An Image of Sankranti Festival !

I am a small town girl with big dreams and high aspirations. As “Sankranti “came with another year of happiness and prosperity, I got my big colorful kite. Every year I fly the kite along with my elder brother whom I adore and love more than anything in my life.

 Kite which attracted me very much. With bright colors like, blue, violet, red, yellow, green it was ready to fly. The first message which I got from my brother this festival was to be always bright, cheerful and happy in our life as the colors signify. We need to mould our lives to make it colorful. We need to take the people whom we love along with us, to reach greater heights. We need to have such a frame of mind and body as the kite has to fly high.

second message. We should not cut the strings of other Kites and be alone in the sky, in fact we need to give everyone space to fly their own kites and be happy and content in our lives. We should compete with our own selves and try to reach the higher levels. Kite does not fly alone; it needs the help of the wind to soar the heights. Similarly, we need to take the right opportunities which will act as push to reach our goals.

 message by now.

With Lots of Love,

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