My baby is my sunshine who Motivates me and encourages me
|   Mar 04, 2016
My baby is my sunshine who Motivates me and encourages me

My baby the one who understands me,supports me and encourages me at very young age,spending with her for completely without even missing her for a couple of hours  and then to restart my career&for our future and from my own interest. I started working leaving her at home when there is no support and encouragement from family members. This is the toughest job in the world for a woman to stay away from her baby and for the baby too which can be done with lot of support and encouragement.The times when I miss her a lot when I miss her glances I miss her sounds I miss her hugs,tears roll down my eyes and only thing I can do is hide my tears from this world to show I am strong enough to build my career. I feel like listening to her , speaking to her but we don'thave any one to build that communication between me n my baby during my work hours.... my heart and my mind are filled with my baby's thoughts. Now I understood the word what unconditional love mean.This is the toughest time for my baby and me being away with each other. And the ton of support and encouragement I get is from my baby, after spending long hours at work missing her and waiting to meet her, the moment she saw me my baby jumps to hug me and she being so young cuddles me and pampers me and that makes me the strongest and that makes me feel I am the happiest in this world.This is all a mother need,this the best encouragement a mother can get from this world which makes her fell a ton stronger. Babies being so young who cannot even say “love you” can show a ton of love towards us. After all what makes me feel stronger and happier is my baby .. she is the best gift ever from god to me.

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